Weekend Flight Horror Stories Roundup!

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Forget about ‘United Breaks Guitars,’ the hit YouTube video made by a disgruntled musician when the airline trashed his axe and refused to compensate him. Now United is taking heat for leaving customers stranded in unheated military barracks!

During a flight from Chicago to London, a United plane experienced mechanical problems and has to make an emergency landing in a remote part of Canada. While the crew was put up in a hotel, the passengers were brought by bus to the Spartan accommodations of a military installation as the temperature dipped near freezing.

Social media, as you can image, blew up when people started Tweeting. Get some of the passenger reaction here:

The United passengers ultimately arrived in London some 30 hours late.

Meanwhile, speaking of London, I don’t really know what to say about this next story! A British Airways flight en route from London to Dubai had to be turned around because of a passenger with a bad tummy. Someone apparently made the bathroom so smelly that passengers couldn’t bear it.

What flight horror stories do you have?!?!


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