Report: The Best and Worst U.S. Airports for Cheap International Flights

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When it comes to saving money for international travel, where you start – meaning your origin airport – has a lot to do with where you can afford to go.

A recent report from (formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights) shows the U.S. airports with the most deals when it comes to international economy-class flights.

To come up with its data, which was published in December 2022, the travel site says it calculated how frequently it sent deals to its subscribers from commercial airports situated around U.S. metro areas of at least 700,000 people. Let’s get into the numbers:

Best U.S. Airports for International Flight Deals

Airport/CodeNumber of DealsAverage Price Roundtrip
New York (JFK)475$413
Washington Dulles (IAD)433$449
Chicago O’Hare (ORD)423$429
Newark (EWR)415$422
Los Angeles (LAX)409$413
Boston (BOS)389$435
San Francisco (SFO)380$441
Miami (MIA)375$394
Atlanta (ATL)299$426
Philadelphia (PHL)289$405

In contrast to some of the best airports for flights abroad, which regularly see hundreds of fare deals a week, the smaller, regional airports see only a fraction of those bargains. says even with that said, its members can still expect to receive an average of “five to eight international economy class deals per month, or at least 1 deal per week.”

Let’s take a look at the U.S. airports with the least amount of deals on international fares, according to

Worst U.S. Airports for International Flight Deals

Airport/CodeNumber of DealsAverage Price Roundtrip
Panama City (ECP)62$503
Honolulu (HNL)65$504
Oakland (OAK)79$514
Sacramento (SMF)85$449
Oklahoma City (OKC)88$466
Long Beach (LGB)88$492
Columbia (CAE)90$538
Fresno (FAT)94$468
Salt Lake City (SLC)98$463
Greensboro, NC (GSO) 100$480

How To Save on Airfare Amid Rising Prices

Money expert Clark Howard says due to good old-fashioned supply and demand, he anticipates that fares are going to go up and here’s why:

“Travel demand is actually higher than it was before, and there are a lot fewer seats to be sold to go in the air. So what happens is classic supply and demand economics at work: There’s intense demand, a shortage of supply, and something’s got to give and that’s the airfares have gone up a lot.”

To save as much money as you can when you fly, Clark says you’ve got to strategize every step of the way including using his #1 Rule for Cheap Travel and building flexibility into your travel plans.

Flexibility Is Key

“When I’m looking for a flight somewhere I’m being extra flexible – as much as I can be – about not just the time of day that I fly but the day that I fly,” Clark says

Clark suggests that you use an online site like Google Flights that can show you a price calendar with different fares. When you see the prices, you can adjust your trip to save money.

How to save money with Google Flights by using date grid calendar view
Screenshot via Google Flights

Want more ways to travel for less? Read our in-depth guide on how to save money with Google Flights.


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