New report: These U.S. airports have the cheapest international flights


Living close to an international airport doesn’t necessarily translate into cheaper fares on flights abroad. But a new study indicates that is the case for certain international airports across the United States.

A recent report from Scott’s Cheap Flights shows that the airports with the cheapest international flights have three things in common:

  • Near a big city
  • Among the busiest
  • Not limited to one region

Which U.S. airports have the cheapest fares abroad?

The fact that the airports with the cheapest flights abroad aren’t concentrated in one geographical area is huge: It basically means that most of us are a relatively short distance from major savings on airfare.

Here are the top 10 U.S. airports with cheap international flights and the number of deals they had last year, according to Scott’s Cheap Flights.

Top 10 U.S. airports with cheap international flights

Rank U.S. airport Number of deals in the last year
1 John F. Kennedy Airport 436
2 Los Angeles International Airport 353
3 Boston Logan International Airport 342
4 San Francisco International Airport 336
5 Newark Liberty International Airport 330
6 Chicago O’Hare International Airport   298
7 Miami International Airport 295
8 Washington Dulles International Airport 246
9 Orlando International Airport 226
10 Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport 219

As you can see, JFK Airport in New York has the highest number of cheap international flights by far, according to Scott’s Cheap Flights.

Another reason for JFK’s #1 ranking is that the airport is one of the most connected in the United States, meaning that it is a leader in international flights.

Now that you know which international airports have the cheapest flights, you can incorporate money expert Clark Howard‘s #1 rule of travel.

“By following that simple rule, I’ve been able to visit every continent except Antarctica and every state except North Dakota. And I’ve done it all on a dime.” See how Clark travels for less.

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