New Tool Shows Southwest Prices From Google Flights Search

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If you’ve searched for an airline ticket of late, you know that finding cheap fares right now takes a little fortune and a lot of strategy. The key to getting a good deal on airfare is to compare flights.

Money expert Clark Howard typically uses Google Flights or a similar multi-airline website to find cheap fares, but one carrier that is not included on these sites is Southwest Airlines, which gives you two checked bags for free.

So you may be curious to know if there’s an easy way to compare Google Flights fares to Southwest’s. Well, now there is.

How To See Your Google Flights Search on

A user on recently posted a newly created browser extension that lets you compare Southwest fares to what you’ve entered into Google Flights.

TravelArrow doesn’t just show Southwest flights; you can also see the exact itineraries you entered in Google Flights as well as,, and You’ll never have an excuse not to compare flights again!

How Does TravelArrow Work?

TravelArrow opens fare information in new browser tabs, allowing you to see the exact route you put in Google Flights in other airfare sites with the click of a button.

Because the flights are pre-loaded on each website, you can easily see the prices and compare fares to get the best deal.

It says on the site, “TravelArrow is your travel companion. With just one click, automatically convert your exact Google Flights route onto Skyscanner and Kayak — which are travel search engines with cheaper fares. Also, convert your search directly onto Southwest Airlines – since they’re the only airline that doesn’t list fares on 3rd party websites. TravelArrow helps you access cheaper fares you’d otherwise never find!”

I tried out TravelArrow to see how it works and whether it’s easy it is to use. Follow these steps (which work only on a laptop or PC).

TravelArrow flight comparison tool
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How To Find Cheap Fares on TravelArrow

Let’s say you want to look at flights to Maui, Hawaii, on Google Flights.

  1. First, install TravelArrow in your browser. I use Google Chrome, so I clicked the Add to Chrome button.
  2. Go to and enter the flight itinerary.
  3. In Google Flights, click the TravelArrow Flight Compare button, which lets you select Skyscanner, Kayak, Expedia, and yes, Southwest.
TravelArrow flight compare button in Google Flights
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From there, you can toggle between the browser tabs to see the different fares.

When I used the site, I was able to compare Maui fares on Google Flights as well as see results from Using TravelArrow, here were the fares on the respective airlines I was able to instantly compare:

WebsiteAirlineNumber of StopsLowest Fare
Google FlightsUnited Airlines1$478
SkyscannerUnited Airlines1$514
KayakUnited Airlines1$478
ExpediaAmerican Airlines1$577
Southwest AirlinesSouthwest Airlines1$587

You can customize your search further by omitting specific airlines, choosing only direct flights, and of course, changing your desired dates and times.

To help offset higher prices on flights today, Clark says you should start searching for one-way fares. And don’t forget to take advantage of Southwest’s Low Fare Calendar to find dates when it’s cheaper to fly.

Final Thoughts

Remember, TravelArrow doesn’t show Southwest fares in Google Flights, but it opens the same itinerary you put in Google Flights on

Judging from the reviews on its Chrome Store page (it shows that 30,000+ people have installed the extension), TravelArrow is a hit among travelers.

Here at, we want you to always compare fares to find the cheapest deals on the trips you plan to take. Because it opens several browser tabs at once, TravelArrow puts that process on steroids.

Want more ways to save on a trip? Read our in-depth guide on how to use Google Flights.


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