Coming Soon: Southwest Will Have a New Way To Get Cheap Airfares

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Southwest Airlines, known for its policy of two free bags, is betting a new fare class will cause it to be known for something else: travel credit transfers.

The airline recently announced “Wanna Get Away Plus”, a new fare class that will be the carrier’s second-cheapest. Wanna Get Away Plus will come with several perks, perhaps the biggest being the ability to transfer travel credits to others.

Southwest Announces New Class Fare: Here’s What You Need To Know

Travel credit transfers have apparently been something many Southwest customers have been asking about. 

Here’s what Jonathan Clarkson, Southwest’s vice president of marketing, loyalty and products, has to say about it in USA Today:

“‘That is a pain point that a lot of our customers relay, particularly on leisure travel,’ Clarkson is quoted as saying. ‘They have these funds that they are either running out of time to use or don’t have the ability to use or would prefer to have somebody else close to them use them but there’s not an easy way to transfer.'”

This article will tell you some key things to know about Wanna Get Away Plus, including when you can expect it to be available.

What Is Wanna Get Away Plus?

Wanna Getaway Plus is Southwest’s latest fare offering more “choice, flexibility and rewards,” according to a company news release.

In addition to all the things you expect from a Southwest flight, with Wanna Get Away Plus, you also get:

  • Ability to transfer flight credits to new travelers for a future trip. The small print on says that both parties must be Rapid Rewards members and that you can transfer your credits only one time.
  • More flexibility for the airline’s same-day standby and same-day change itineraries, which are free other than the price difference in fares. However, again from the fine print: The customer will be responsible for any government taxes and fees.
  • Increased earning power with 8X Rapid Rewards points

How Does Southwest’s Wanna Get Away Plus Fare Differ From Wanna Get Away?

You may be wondering what’s the difference between Southwest’s Wanna Get Away Plus airfare and the carrier’s Wanna Get Away?

“Nothing is being taken away from Wanna Get Away. It’s still the same product,” Clarkson said in audio of a media briefing about the announcement.


Here’s a side-by-side comparison between the two fares based on information from

FeatureWanna Get Away FareWanna Get Away Plus
Rapid Rewards Value6 points per dollar spent8 points per dollar spent
RefundsTravel credit for flier (must use within 12 months)Transferable flight credit(s) (must use within 12 months)
Same-Day Flight Changes/StandbyFare difference may applyFree

How Many Fare Tiers Does Southwest Have?

With Southwest adding Wanna Get Away Plus fares, the airline will have four airfare products for passengers to choose from. 

Here are the three current fare tiers on Southwest (from least to most expensive):

  • Wanna Get Away
  • Anytime
  • Business Select

When Will Wanna Get Away Plus Be Available to Customers?

Wanna Get Away Plus will be available to customers “late in the second quarter of 2022,” according to the news release.

How Much Will Wanna Get Away Plus Cost?

Southwest has not disclosed how much more a Wanna Get Away Plus fare will cost in comparison to its other fare tiers. In the media briefing, Clarkson says the new fare class will come with “a modest increase” compared to Wanna Get Away fares.

Final Thoughts

If you literally want to get away before Southwest’s Wanna Get Away Plus fare become available, here are some ways you can save money on the carrier right now:

Learn more about flying Southwest Airlines.

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