This woman gets paid $100,000 a year to travel the world

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If you’re reading this article from a windowless office, maybe you’ve daydreamed about doing your work from the beach – or at least from an office with a window.

Nadine Sykora has managed to do just that, turning her love of travel into a full-time career.

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Vacation is a full-time job for this travel vlogger!

According to her website, Nadine has visited nearly 50 countries over the past several years, sharing her experiences with her 260,000 YouTube subscribers.

During a recent trip to Cancun, Nadine and a fellow YouTube star were filmed running on the beach, enjoying cocktails and going for a massage.

Travel vloggers like her get their trips “sponsored,” so there’s no cost to them.

How she makes six figures

In a recent interview with Forbes, Nadine said she makes six figures a year, but the money from her various online projects didn’t always used to be that good.

When she first became a full-time YouTuber, it was more like $1,500 a month.

How exactly does she make money? Aside from revenue based on YouTube clicks, many of the other videos she produces are also sponsored by advertisers — just like the trips.

For example, this video about travel hacks doubles as an advertisement for a cash back website.


How to book cheap flights

While many of her videos are simply a slice of her life while traveling the world, she also takes time to show people how to vacation on a budget themselves.

You know how Clark always says to buy a deal and then figure out why you want to go there?

Nadine offers similar advice in this video, telling her subscribers to be as flexible as possible if you want to find the cheapest airfare.

She’s also a fan of Kayak’s price alert tool, another one of Clark’s favorites.

Are you the next YouTube star?

It’s clear that Nadine has the perfect combination of talent and personality to keep her subscribers coming back for more, but could you do this?

Nadine gave Forbes a few tips for aspiring YouTube stars:

  • Build trust with regular, quality posting.
  • Pick one topic.
  • Turn freebies into income.

Not for you? Here’s an idea!

If you’re not a member of the YouTube generation, you might be able to turn your exceptional scenic vacation photos into cash by selling them online.

You could also explore tourism jobs with travel perks, like working for an airline or a hotel.

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