Why Our Travel Expert Thinks This New Tool Is a “Game Changer”

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For years, the task of redeeming loyalty points or miles on an airline’s website has been tedious, frustrating and a time zapper. But we now have a tool to save us time searching on how and when to redeem, or if it’s a better bet to pay in dollars for a ticket.

To me, Points Path is a travel game changer.

How the Points Path Browser Extension Works

This free browser extension works with Google Flights to show you just what a ticket will cost you in cash or how many points you need to redeem on American, Delta, and United flights as well as partner flights (such as SkyTeam: Delta/Air France; Star Alliance: United/Lufthansa; Oneworld: AA/British Airways).

Many more airlines and frequent flier programs are expected to be added this year.

Points Path’s algorithm checks airfare rates on thousands of flights a day and uses that data to determine a median value for the points or miles of each frequent flyer program (currently 1.1 cents per mile for Delta, 1.25 cents for United, and 1.3 cents for American). Then the algorithm uses those valuations to convert to an equivalent cash price.

Points Path Browser Extension Examples

You really should give this a test drive because it’s impressive.

Example: Atlanta to Paris

Let’s look on Google Flights to see what the cash price is or how many miles you’d need for a round-trip from Atlanta to Paris. Enter Atlanta and Paris and next enter a departure date of January 20 and a return of January 28. Results will show you the lowest cash prices first on various airlines.

Google Flights screenshot

You can then play with filters to choose nonstop and a specific airline. Either way, you should see Delta displayed, along with SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System) and JetBlue flight options.

Delta shows you the option to pay $970 or redeem 90,000 SkyMiles and $90 tax/fees. Choose your flights by clicking on the 90,000 miles option.

Google Flights screenshot with dollars and miles Points Path results

On the next page, you’ll see the Book with Delta button. Choose that option and then take your hands off of the keyboard! You’ll see numerous screen changes as Points Path does its work and redirects you to complete your redemption at Delta.com. From there you can see other point redemption levels for Main Cabin, Comfort+ or First Class.


Note: Prices are accurate as of this writing but may change depending on the day and time you search.

Have Fun With It!

Just for fun, within minutes I found Atlanta to Liberia, Costa Rica for $622 or 51,000 SkyMiles, plus $79 tax/fees (Oct/Nov travel) and $1,550 or 90,000 SkyMiles from ATL to Sydney, Australia, plus $133 tax/fees (May travel).

Final Thoughts

You don’t even have to have those points or miles banked with an airline to view results. So you can use Points Path to determine what your account goal needs to be for say a dream trip to the Caribbean later this year (ex. Turks & Caicos $700 or 47,000 Delta SkyMiles, plus $118 tax/fees).

As of this writing, the extension is available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, although access on Safari is expected soon. It only works on desktop or laptop computers, and no mobile app is available yet.

Give it a go. It is quite simple to use. And it’s free.

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