Cheap Airfares to Hawaii and Elsewhere!

Cheap Airfares to Hawaii and Elsewhere!
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If you daydream about going to Hawaii, I’ve got breaking news for you that will make it cheaper getting there.

Check out these cheap tickets to Hawaii

Allegiant Air has a sale from West Coast destinations flying to Hawaii that starts as low as Los Angeles to Honolulu at $288 round-trip (RT).

That’s forced others who fly to the islands to offer their own discounts, though not quite as cheap. Hawaiian Air is offering deals to Maui for $444 RT from the West Coast.

Meanwhile, out of Seattle, I’m seeing fares to Asia starting around $650 RT and many more priced in the $700s RT. The next 2 weeks are going to be key to saving money through the fall on leisure travel.

Coast to coast deals abound too around this time of  year. Virgin America — which by some measures is the best in the skies — has a sale offering good fares on that front.

Some other crazy offers I’ve seen is include Frontier Air doing $19 to Washington D.C. from Detroit, Florida, Charlotte, and other locations — if you can find seats. You can’t even get to the airport for that price in some places! Frontier is an aggressive discounter with a typical fare around $59.

Note that all of the carriers I’ve mentioned so far are discounters, not full-fare airlines.

This has been a year of extremely high airfares at American, United, and Delta as they’ve consolidated their chokehold on domestic and international travel. The 3 full-fare airlines are only interested in high-value customers; they don’t care about leisure travelers.

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