New Report: The 8 Best Cruise Lines for the Money


Sailing the high seas is a popular getaway for millions of Americans, but the key to having a good time is booking with one of the best cruise lines.

U.S. News & World Report recently released its cruise line rankings for 2020, which highlight the best companies based on many factors, including types of traveler and regions.

Because is all about saving you money, our focus for this article is on the best cruise lines for the best price.

To come up with the rankings, U.S. News & World Report analyzed itinerary affordability, health ratings and how experts and travelers viewed the cruise lines’ reputations.

Here Are the Best Cruise Lines for the Best Price

Ranking Ship Sample Pricing
1. Royal Caribbean International From $520 for 7 nights
2. Celebrity Cruises From $629 for 7 nights
3. Norwegian Cruise Line From $479 for 7 nights
4. Princess Cruises From $628 for 7 nights
5. Carnival Cruise Line From $569 for 7 nights
6. Holland America Line From $529 for 7 nights
7. MSC Cruises From $369 for 7 nights
8. Costa Cruises From $899 for 7 nights

See the complete rankings of cruise lines here.

Clark: Take These 3 Steps Before You Book a Cruise…

Money expert Clark Howard says you need to take these three steps before you spend your hard-earned money on a cruise:

1. Search the Web

“When you’re looking to buy a deal, what you should do is pull up the ship you want to go on and look at the cost week by week,” he says.

2. Focus on Low-Cost Weeks

“Look for any dramatic movements up and down in price,” Clark says. “In the past, the rates were like a wave; now they’re like a yo-yo. You want to pounce on those low-cost weeks if your schedule allows.”

3. Be Flexible

“The #1 rule right now about cruising is be flexible with your schedule,” he says. “The week you go will control how much of your wallet you leave behind on the ship.”

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