New lower price points on Walmart Family Mobile


Walmart has lowered price points on its Family Mobile service, which runs on T-Mobile’s network.

Walmart Family Mobile costs $39.99/month for unlimited calling and texting, plus 2.5 GB of 3G data. (Most people use an average of 1 GB of data on a monthly basis.) If you only want unlimited talk and text, you’ll pay $29.88/month.

But here’s the real clincher: Each additional line costs only $34.88/month with the 2.5 GB of data or $24.88 /month for just the talk and text. This could be a real money-saver for small businesses and entrepreneurs as well.

The cell phone industry is changing so rapidly. BothWalmart Family Mobile and Walmart’s other effort, Straight Talk, bring us closer to a European model where retailers offer their own branded cell phone service.

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