How to find the best deal on a new TV

How to find a good price on a TV
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With all the great movies and TV content out today, the type of TV we have can make a big difference. While having 4K and screen-within-a-screen is cool, we’re primarily talking about price: A good but cheap TV.

In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to buy a cheap TV that covers all your needs.

Clark’s take on how to buy a TV

Money expert Clark Howard knows a thing or two about finding a good deal on a TV. You may be a fan of LG, Vizio, Toshiba or Samsung, which repeatedly rate as some of the best TV brands out there. But Clark’s approach to buying a TV is a little different: “I don’t care about brand,” he says.

Samsung, LG, Vizio, Toshiba, etc.: What TV brand is the best?

Clark says that for the most part, parity has come to TV manufacturing and that means consumers are taking very little risk when opting for cheap TVs.

“The failure rate regardless of brand is really so low on TVs that I’m really unconvinced that it’s worth spending extra because it says ‘Samsung,'” the money expert notes.

Another potential way TV shoppers could wasting big money is by looking for premium picture quality. One of the top TV trends today is 4K.

Yet Clark says prospective buyers need to be really careful when it comes to looking for the latest and greatest features.

Is a 4K TV worth it?

“If you’re buying a TV that’s 37 inches or smaller, it doesn’t even need to be 4K because the screen size being what it is, your eyes can’t even register the difference. If you buy larger than that, then you should look into getting a 4K with HDR.”

HDR stands for high-dynamic range and recent technological advances in contrast and color will make images viewed on-screen pop like never before. If you’ve bought a mid-to high-end priced TV in 2017 or later, there’s a good chance it’s HDR.

Clark’s takeaway on buying a TV

One of the main things Clark wants you to remember is that it’s possible to score a cheap TV with all the bells and whistles. A few years ago, he went from having a 42-inch TV in his bedroom to a 65-inch, which he enjoys much more.


But a huge TV in a small room isn’t the way to go. He says you can come away with the right TV for you if you focus less on features and more on screen size. The reason is because capabilities are improving across all brands.

“TVs and computers are cheaper than phones now. Think about that,” he says.

Now that you’ve gotten some insight into how to select a cheap TV, check out for the best TV deals available right now.

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