How to protect yourself from malicious Android apps


More than a million Google accounts have recently been hacked by malware. This malicious software is known as ‘Gooligan’ and steals data from Google Play, Gmail, Google Photos and other programs. 

Gooligan is attacking 13,000 new accounts every day

According to Forbes, this malware is ‘responsible for what’s believed to be the biggest single theft of Google accounts on record,’ so you’ll need to be extra careful using your device, especially if you have an older operating system. 

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How to protect yourself 

Only download apps from the official Google Play store

The malicious Gooligan software can end up on your device if you download an app from somewhere other than the Google Play store. Downloading apps from these third party app stores may seem temping since they sometimes offer free versions of paid apps. However, security on these sites isn’t always verified making it easier for apps to become infected with malware like Gooligan. 

Lookout security app

Lookout is an antivirus and security app made specifically for Android devices. Lookout comes in a free or premium version. The free subscription gives you features like anti-malware protection, backup of contacts, remote Locate, and a remotely triggered Scream alarm. It will even check any app before you download so you know for sure that it’s safe.

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