How to cut down on mobile data use on your iPhone or Android

How to cut down on mobile data use on your iPhone or Android
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If you don’t have an unlimited data plan, going over the limit on your mobile data can give you serious sticker shock when the bill comes. Luckily, you can avoid accidental overuse by just turning off data on an iPhone or Android smartphone. Here’s how:

As you can see, the steps are very simple, but some phones also have a quick button you can access to turn data on and off.

On iPhone, this button is on the pull-up menu. The icon looks like a cell phone tower as pictured here:


On an Android phone, the button is on the pull down menu. The icon is a down arrow next to an up arrow, pictured here:


Another data-saving option is putting your phone into Airplane Mode. Turning this function on disables your phone’s ability to send and receive calls and messages, in addition to turning off mobile data. However, you can turn on Wi-Fi while your phone is in Airplane Mode.

Here’s how to turn Airplane Mode on and off:

With these tools, you can manage your data use to make sure you don’t go over your limits to trigger a shocking bill.

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