How much the iPhone costs around the world


If you have an iPhone, you don’t need us to tell you that buying the smartphone can cost a small fortune! But you may be surprised to find out how prices vary around the world.

$97,000 for an iPhone? Prices around the world

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Linio, a Latin America e-commerce company, recently researched average iPhone prices in 71 countries. What they discovered is how the price is greatly impacted by taxes, tariffs and inflation.

For example, the most expensive country to buy an iPhone is Venezuela, with an average price tag of $97,813.82 due to hyperinflation. CNN Money reports that inflation in that country is expected to rise 1,660% this year.

On the other hand, the least expensive country to buy an iPhone is Angola, an oil rich nation where many people still struggle with poverty. The average price for an iPhone there is $401.94, according to the study.

Closer to home, researchers found that people in the U.S. pay an average of $625.88 for the iPhone, which is more than our neighbors in Canada and Mexico. They pay an average of $555.25 and $619.98, respectively. 

10 most expensive countries to buy an iPhone

  1. Venezuela: $97,813.82
  2. Singapore: $969.04
  3. Dominican Republic: $965.62
  4. Argentina: $900.43
  5. Guatemala: $889.56
  6. Bangladesh: $870.11
  7. Norway: $867.28
  8. Indonesia: $865.06
  9. Costa Rica: $852.94
  10. Brazil: $843.30

10 least expensive countries to buy an iPhone

  1. Angola: $401.94
  2. Japan: $413.58
  3. China: $470.74
  4. Finland: $475.94
  5. United Arab Emirates: $498.25
  6. India: $505.25
  7. Romania: $513.42
  8. Saudi Arabia: $513.86             
  9. Ukraine: $527.50
  10. Malaysia: $532.06

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With a starting price of $649 in the U.S., the iPhone 7 isn’t expected to get cheaper anytime soon. 

However, Apple is selling refurbished 6s and 6s Plus models on its website for 15% off the regular price, as low as $449. So as time goes on, refurbished iPhone 7 models may be added to the refurbished page. 

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