How to avoid or fix an Android virus


TRANSCRIPT: I’ve got an important new update for you if you carry an Android phone. Criminals have figured out a way to put ransomware on android phones. Not every android phone, but you could put an app on your phone that turns out got ugly stuff in it, and it will seize your phone, shut it down, and only offer to give you functionality of your phone back in return for you paying a ransom, usually of two to three hundred dollars.

Couple of things, if you do use an android, download an app called Lookout or something similar, that will check out any app before allows it to go on your phone. Prevention is the best cure. If it’s too late or past too late and criminals have already ransomed your phone, don’t pay ‘em. Instead I have a step by step guide on, that walks you through how to kick the virus out of your phone and get all it’s capabilities back. I’m Clark Howard.

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