Get Paid for Your Unused Data!


The prices in the cellphone world keep going down, down, down!

Walmart Family Mobile has a new deal offering unlimited talk, text and 1 GB of data for $29.88. One gig of data is enough for a little more than half of us to get by on. If you go over that limit, you are throttled for the remainder of the billing month. Then when you start your new billing period, that’s when you go back to LTE.

The nice thing about this offer is that while it’s $29.88 to get in the door, each additional person on the plan pays only $24.88.

The price trend in wireless is in decline

On my smartphone data plan guide, it’s become common to have a $35 a month price point for unlimited talk, text and 2.5 GB.

But the big news coming is going to be announced by Republic Wireless. Their CEO says they’re moving to $10 a month for unlimited talk and text across the board. Then you choose how much data to buy. I’m expecting that data will price out around $10 for 1 GB, though exact pricing has not yet been announced.

But what makes Republic’s forthcoming offer really ununusual is that is you buy 1 GB at $10 but only use 500 MB during that period…they will send you $5 back!

So they will only bill you for the data you use. No more worrying about overpaying for too much data; it won’t cost you anything because you’ll be paid for your unused data.

Years ago, back when it was common to pay $100 a month for cellphone service, Forbes had a cover story talking about a future where you’ll pay $10 a month for wireless. That was an amazing thought back then. But now it’s possible, and will even be overwhelmingly probable within the next year.

So if you’re still paying too much, check out these options I’ve mentioned and save yourself some money!

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