Free mobile security can thwart new breed of criminals


With more and more people on smartphones, criminals have switched their focus from breaching computers to breaching your phone.

Here are a couple of the ways they’re doing it…

First, they’re sending spam text messages that subscribe you for bogus pay services if you interact with them. It’s the latest version of the cram.

Solution: Take time to look through your wireless bill line by line for phony charges. If you’ve gone paperless, put it on your calendar once a month to log on and review your bill carefully.

Second, if you’re under a data cap or don’t have good data, you probably search out wifi. Be sure you are only signing into networks you know to be legit. Crooks create fake networks.

Solution: Don’t do anything at a wifi hot spot of a personal nature that requires you to enter a password.

BONUS TIP: If you’re looking for mobile security, try a freemium service called that offers protection for smartphones running Android, Blackberry, or Windows. And don’t forget antivirus on your computer at home too.  Check out my list of free options for virus, spyware, and malware protection.

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