Flight attendant arrested for stealing iPad from passenger


An app has reunited an airline passenger with a lost iPad and incriminated the Oregon flight attendant who took the device in the first place.

The Albany Tribune   reports the passenger left the iPad on a flight from Reno, NV., to San Jose, CA. Another passenger apparently found it and turned it in to the flight attendant, expecting that the attendant would reunite it with its rightful owner.

But unfortunately, the flight attendant decided to keep it for herself! Her ruse was up when the owner used the Find My iPad app to locate the device, which was at the attendant’s home in Oregon City.

The flight attendant told cops she forgot about the iPad, but it already had things on it like her husband’s birthday on a reminder calendar. It’s now being returned to its owner in Reno.

Protecting electronics before they get stolen has become a new hot thing to do.

New York City police were on hand to register iPhone 5s as Apple fans lined up last week to get them. If and when they’re stolen, the police can make a case against thieves and give the stolen goods back to their rightful owners.

To any would be criminals out there, know there are prying eyes looking for you!

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