CES 2018: DIY system touts new way to prevent water leaks in your home


You can spend a small fortune repairing water damage in your residence, not to mention labor and supply costs for a plumber. But what if there was a do-it-yourself system that could be installed that would help you prevent water leaks from happening to begin with?

That’s the premise behind a new system that money expert Clark Howard and team discovered in Las Vegas this week at CES, the annual international consumer electronics show.

The Guardian, which is from electrical component manufacturer Elexa, is a water leak prevention system that can be installed without a plumber and even without any tools. It consists of a valve controller that clamps on top of your pipe and leak sensors that are to be placed around your home’s common water lines, such as behind toilets and washing machines.

The Guardian: This DIY water leak prevention system could save you big bucks

This product, which comes with an app, will not only detect water leaks, but heating issues as well, according to Elexa CEO Larry Beger, who spoke to Clark radio show Executive Producer Kim Drobes. “If the temperature in your home gets to 40 degrees, the system will send you a notification and shut off your water so that your pipes don’t burst,” Beger said.

For additional protection, the system can be designed to work even if your internet is out or if your power goes off, he said. “You will get a notification via the cloud and even if your internet goes off, we’re still going to shut your water off.”

Where to find it: The product is available today on GetGuardian.com and Amazon, and is coming to home improvement retailers Home Depot, True Value and Ace Hardware soon.

Price: $399 for the Guardian valve controller and three sensors. If you purchase the product, immediately call your insurance company and they will “definitely” give you a discount on your policy, Beger said.

Clark’s takeaway: Clark says if the system will pay for itself over time, it’s a good deal. “You may be thinking, ”˜$400? Why would I ever spend that?’ Of course, you may get the savings on insurance… But dealing with a water leak is a massive pain in the rear end and the wallet. But this is just another idea coming out of CES that can change your life in ways big and small.”

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