CES 2015: Cheap Drones, Fitness Bands, 4KTVs and More!


Today I’m broadcasting live from Las Vegas for CES 2015, the International Consumer Electronics Show. And all I can say is…wow!

This is like the SuperBowl and World Series tied up in one for me. It’s great to be here and see the innovation at CES. My goal is to give you early word on upcoming deals on electronics, and to let you know what kinds of new tech may make a difference in your life.

The price of drones is coming down

Here at CES, it’s total sensory overload. You may have heard all the talk about drones. Last year’s drones were like toys. This year, they’re not toys.

The drones I’m seeing will change photography, land use planning, privacy issues for celebrities, how authorities do police work and so much more.

The drones this year will be more than useful, they’ll be affordable. (Though people still tell me they’re not easy to fly!) Look for capable drones to price out around $500.

Fitness bands to become impulse buys

I wear the Garmin VivoFit fitness band. It’s become such a big part of my life; my VivoFit told me I walked 23,000 steps yesterday (11+ miles) at CES!

My wife, by contrast, got a fitness band and promptly lost it. Wearing one is just not her thing. That’s true of so much tech I’m seeing at CES; either you’ll see it and love it…or it be a big shrug of the shoulders for you.

This year, I’m seeing so many new fitness bands. Particularly hot are the fitness trackers that integrate smartphone capability. I saw one for $129 that has built-in Bluetooth to use for Bluetooth calling.

The big thing with fitness trackers is that by next Christmas, I’m expecting they will drop to $20. You’ll see them as impulse buys in the checkout lines. And then at the other end of the price spectrum, fitness trackers that do all kinds of fancy things will be around $150.


4K TVs for less than a grand

The TVs I’m seeing at CES are beyond unbelievable. I’ve been absolutely mesmerized looking at them. The price points for 4K TVs (which offer 4 times the resolution of your current HDTV) will be between $500 and $1,000.

People will try to get you to pay much more than $1,000 for a 4K TV, but it’s not necessary.

The other thing I’m seeing are a variety of Roku TVs, which are built specifically for streaming content, all over the floors at CES.

And that’s not to say anything of the cars, phones, and 3D printing technologies I’m seeing! 

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