Best headphones for kids and teens

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Don’t risk mild hearing loss just because you like to listen to music on a portable device. There are new solutions out there in the marketplace — especially if you have kids!

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Check out these headphones for kids

Product recommendations website The Wirecutter recently did a test of headphones for kids and teens and a clear winner emerged — a Bluetooth model called the Puro BT2200 ($99.99).

The Wirecutter liked the ‘excellent sound quality,’ noise cancellation features and adequately restricted volume options. And get this…battery life nears a whopping 22 hours!

Honorable mentions also went to the Onanoff BuddyPhones Explore and the JLab JBuddies Studio, which were both in the $30 range.

Best headphones for kidsThe Onanoff BuddyPhones Explore were praised for their ‘fun colors and lightweight, comfy fit’ that should appeal to those who are 2 to 4. But kids are likely to grow out of them pretty quickly and you can’t expect the best passive volume limiting for $33.

Best headphones for kidsThe JLab JBuddies Studio, meanwhile, is likely to appeal to older children. For $30, this headset was singled out for its ‘soft padding, simple design, fabric-wrapped cable, and in-line remote/mic.’ Again, though, don’t expect to get the best volume control at this low price point.

For between $20 and $30, you might also look at the KidzGear Volume Limit Headphones or the Griffin Technology Crayola MyPhones. Both of those have been cited by tech reviewers in the past.

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