Android continues trouncing Apple in the marketplace


Android phones continue crushing Apple phones in the marketplace. Could that fact lead to a budget iPhone?

The newest data shows 70% of recent smart phone sales were Android, 16% were various versions of the iPhone, and the other 14% was a combination of Blackberry, Symbian, etc.

Android is winning the war

Exploiting this weakness, the Android platform will keep growing with advanced new phones to capitalize on Apple’s diminished standing point in the marketplace.  The HTC One is among them.

My feeling is that Apple may have no choice but to discount on older iPhones or perhaps create an entirely new budget-priced model.

It’s a repeat of what we saw in computing. Apple innovated with their Mac computers, but they kept prices too high and destroyed their market. Then the inferior Windows PCs took over the marketplace.

Meanwhile, there’s a new mobile operating system from Firefox that has a lot of wireless providers excited because it breaks the stranglehold that Samsung and Apple have. Developers also like the Firefox OS because they can write code and put it across platforms much easier than with iPhone and Android.

Clearly, mobile is a vibrant and competitive field. That means big deals for you. DealNews reports 90 days after a new smartphone comes out, the price drops by 50%! So if you can wait, you save a ton. And then you can get cheap non-contract unlimited service from a company like GoSmartMobile or Republic Wireless.

100 million people are now on no-contract plans. That’s 100 million people saving money every month!

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