Finally! You can now add multiple stops during your Uber ride

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Uber just added a new feature to the rideshare experience, and it’s going to make sharing rides with friends even easier.

Uber launches multiple stop feature

The company is now letting riders add up to two extra stops along the route. Ideally, the Multiple Destinations addition makes it easier to pick up or drop off friends during your trip.

What’s in it for you? This new feature can also help your wallet! If you add stops to pickup friends, you can split the fare (the total ride fare) equally between everyone in the car.

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It’s important to pay attention as you add or remove stops because the fares adjust when you change the route.

How to add additional stops to your Uber trip

  • Open the Uber app on your phone
  • Tap “Where to?” and enter your final destination
  • To add multiple stops, tap the “+” next to the destination box (you can add stops anytime before or during the ride)
  • Enjoy the ride!

Not a huge Uber fan? Lyft added the multiple stop feature last year. Plus, you can score a free ride on the weekends with a special code that changes every week.

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