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Sally is the director of operations for Clark Howard, Inc. She enjoys great travel deals, minimal living and saving big bucks. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband. You can reach Sally at [email protected]
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Beachbody On Demand workout program
Beachbody On Demand: Is It Worth $99/Year? Health April 13, 2020
Have you ever joined a gym and asked yourself if it was really worth it? Between commuting to the building,…
How to prepare your finances for coronavirus outbreak
Coronavirus: 7 Things You Can Do to Prepare Your Finances Today Money & Credit March 13, 2020
It has been a difficult week for the economy, the stock market and numerous industries — all likely impacting your…
amazon prime shipment box
Everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Day 2019 Shopping & Retail June 3, 2019
Mark your calendars for July 15 because one of the biggest shopping days of the year — like Black Friday…
Google Fi cell phone service review
Google Fi Review: The Best Cell Phone Provider for International Travel? Cell Phones May 6, 2019
Money expert Clark Howard recommends Google Fi, a cell phone service operated by Google, because of the provider’s affordable plans…
Cell phone plans for seniors
The Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors Cell Phones December 7, 2018
If you’re a senior who's tired of paying too much for cell phone service, there are several options for switching…
Wendy's Frosty
Get a year’s worth of Wendy’s Frostys for $2 for a good cause Deals & Savings November 14, 2018
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Target store
Teachers: Get a 15% discount on select classroom supplies at Target! Deals & Savings July 18, 2018
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Finally! You can now add multiple stops during your Uber ride
Finally! You can now add multiple stops during your Uber ride Mobile & Electronics October 27, 2017
Uber just added a new feature to the rideshare experience, and it's going to make sharing rides with friends even…
The dangers of energy drinks
Warning: Hidden dangers may lurk in energy drinks Health October 17, 2017
You may have seen the shocking photos of a man with an enormous hole in his skull circulating around the…
Hulu Netflix mobile apps
Hulu’s cheapest plan just got cheaper TV, Satellite & Cable October 10, 2017
While Netflix recently increased subscription prices, Hulu is taking the opposite approach. Hulu drops price after Netflix hike The streaming…
Verizon is dumping some customers in these 13 states September 25, 2017
Verizon is often praised as the best wireless network with “outstanding” performance, speed and reliability. In an effort to stay…
Downed traffic signal rules
How to navigate downed traffic lights after a storm Cars September 12, 2017
When catastrophic storms — like Irma and Harvey — tear across the country, millions of people and business are affected…
Travel insurance
What the travel warning for Mexico means for your wallet Travel August 25, 2017
The U.S. Department of State recently issued a travel warning to U.S. citizens about the risk of traveling to certain…
Chick-fil-A Hash Brown Scramble
Chick-fil-A has a new breakfast bowl and it looks delicious Food & Restaurants August 15, 2017
Chick-fil-A just added the Hash Brown Scramble — enjoyed as a breakfast bowl or burrito — to restaurants nationwide. Chick-fil-A…
Senior woman on phone
New T-Mobile unlimited plan: 2 lines for $60 for those 55+ Mobile & Electronics August 9, 2017
Editor's Note: Effective March 15, 2018, the new price for this plan is $70 per month. Are you over the…
Kitchen sponge
Study finds kitchen sponges are filthier than toilets August 4, 2017
A recent study discovered that our homes' kitchens have more germs than toilets, and there's one main culprit: sponges. Kitchen…
What to do if your flight is canceled
What to do if your flight to Europe is delayed or canceled Travel August 3, 2017
Europe is more accessible than ever. You can find incredibly low fares to the continent, and budget airlines are a…
9 non-food items you should buy from Aldi Deals & Savings July 27, 2017
If you're familiar with money expert Clark Howard, you know how much he loves to shop at Aldi. Our team…
iRobot Roomba
How to prevent your vacuum cleaner from collecting data about your home July 27, 2017
Roombas remind me of the algae eaters that quietly and efficiently clean fish tanks. Their presence is hardly noticed, but…
Drugstore shopping
8 things you should never buy at a drugstore July 21, 2017
Drugstores like CVS and Walgreens got one big thing right: convenience. I live about two miles from my nearest grocery…
13 Jobs with the biggest pay raises
13 jobs with the biggest recent salary increases Jobs July 18, 2017
Hunting for a new job with better pay? This list might help narrow your search! Whether you're looking in your…
Pet holiday safety
How to keep your pet safe this Fourth of July Children & Pets July 4, 2017
Fireworks, parades and parties are an integral part of Independence Day celebrations. While the festivities are fun for humans, the…
microneedle flu vaccination_administration
This patch could change the way we fight the flu June 30, 2017
Needle-phobes rejoice! A potentially game-changing way to administer the influenza vaccine just performed remarkably well in a human clinical trial.…
Girl Scouts USA
Girl Scouts can soon earn cybersecurity badges Children & Pets June 27, 2017
Known for instilling leadership skills, building confidence and selling delicious cookies, Girl Scouts are now tackling a different kind of…
Americans aren’t using the dishwasher — and it’s costing them big bucks June 23, 2017
Nearly 20% of Americans aren't using their dishwasher, according to a recent survey by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, and…
Most Americans swim in debt to pay for vacations
Most Americans swim in debt to pay for vacations Travel June 22, 2017
Summer travel season is here, and while many Americans are looking forward to a little fun in the sun, many…
Walmart’s newest purchase another shot at rival Amazon Shopping & Retail June 20, 2017
Walmart has announced plans to acquire Bonobos, a men's clothing retailer, for $310 million. You may have missed this news…
How to Book the Best and Safest Airbnb
How to Book the Best and Safest Airbnb Travel June 16, 2017
If you're looking for a more unique travel experience, Airbnb is the way to go. From bustling cities to remote…
Filters you need to change
14 filters you should be changing yourself at home June 15, 2017
While some of us may fear the potential of robots taking our jobs, most of us are probably pretty happy…
New rule to make food labels less mysterious delayed
New rule to make food labels less mysterious delayed Health June 15, 2017
The Food and Drug Administration has delayed a nutrition facts panel update designed to help Americans clearly see the calories…