4 Things To Know Before You Sign Up for Vidgo TV

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Note: As of January 2024, Vidgo TV is not accepting new customers. The live TV streaming company has experienced outages since September 2023. According to reports, these outages are a result of missed payments to vendors.

I have attempted to sign up for Vidgo multiple times in the last few months, only to receive error messages. Because of these outages, we cannot recommend signing up for Vidgo at this time.

My review of the service was completed in the fall of 2022 and I have periodically updated this article with new information on the service. You can read about my experience with Vidgo below, and I will update this article with new information about the future of the streaming service as we acquire it.

If you’re tired of paying a big cable bill each month, you may be considering cutting the cord and subscribing to Vidgo.

This live TV streaming service is one of the newest options for people looking to leave the cable company behind for good. Other options include YouTube TV, Sling TV and Hulu + Live TV.

You may have seen commercial or advertisements with former NFL star Rob Gronkowski touting this new livestreaming service and wondered whether it’s legitimate or not.

I decided to download the app on my devices and sign up for a subscription to check it out. In this article, I’ll walk you through what I learned and tell you everything you need to know about this streaming option.

This article was updated in January 2024 and I review it once per month. Detailed notes on all updates can be found here.

January 2024 Updates

Latest Vidgo TV Updates
  • Warning: Team Clark heard from Vidgo customers who have experienced an extended service outage dating back to September 2023. I tried to walk through the signup process on November 22, 2023 and again on January 3, 2024, but it appears as though Vidgo is not taking new customers at this time.
  • Prior to the issues mentioned above, Vidgo was offering a huge discount for the first month of streaming for new customers. All four packages (Plus, Premium, Ultimate, Mas) are available for $20 for the first month. After that, normal prices apply.
  • Vidgo raised the price of its Plus subscription package from $64.99 to $69.99 per month in April 2023. The Premium package also went up from $79.99 to $84.99 per month.
  • Customers may now purchase a package that features both Vidgo English and Spanish channel offerings in a package called Vidgo Ultimate for $99.99 per month. This package was introduced in January 2023.

What Is Vidgo? Team Clark Reviews the Live TV Streaming Service

For $69.99 per month, a Vidgo subscription provides access to more than 100 popular broadcast and cable channels. You can upgrade that experience to 150+ channels and cloud DVR storage for an additional $15 per month. There is no contract or cable box required. You can stream content live or on demand from your television, phone or tablet.

Note: For a limited time, Vidgo is offering the first month of any subscription package for just $20.


Table of Contents

1. Channel Lineup

When you’re trying to choose a cable or satellite TV alternative, the list of channels is probably the most important factor.

And for many people, access to local channels is a must. Vidgo is going to take you part of the way there. I was able to get access to my local ABC and FOX affiliates but not NBC or CBS. Vidgo says local channel availability varies by market.

If you want to be able to view all of your local channels, you may need to get an antenna in addition to this subscription.

You will find that Vidgo has a good collection of sports channels, including the ESPN family of networks, MLB Network, NFL Network, NHL Network and SEC Network. But it does not have regional sports networks (RSNs) such as Bally Sports.

Some other notable channels that are missing from the service: TNT, TBS, USA Network, CNN and Bravo.

Team Clark has assembled a searchable list of Vidgo’s channel offerings, which are broken down by the Plus and Premium packages.


Spanish Language Package

Vidgo also has a Spanish-language package available. The Spanish Mas package offers more than 45 channels for $39.99 per month. This includes on-demand access and 20 hours of DVR recording.

The Spanish Mas package includes the following channels.

Vidgo TV Spanish Mas Package
Vidgo Spanish Mas Package

If you are interesting combining both the English and Spanish offerings from Vidgo, you now can purchase the Vidgo Ultimate package for $100 per month.

2. Cloud DVR

If you’re worried about losing your DVR functionality when you cut the cord, Vidgo may not be your best choice for streaming TV, at least from a storage standpoint.


Vidgo is severely lacking in cloud DVR storage capacity when compared to the competition. The most you can get with a standard subscription is 20 hours of DVR storage via the Premium package.

Many competitors, such as YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV, are now offering unlimited DVR storage at no additional cost with all their packages.

I was able to access the Vidgo DVR during my app testing period. Though the storage limit was disappointing, the functionality was actually pretty good.

Some things to note:

  • You can record both programs currently airing and future scheduled programming. There’s no limit on simultaneous recording.
  • Once content is recorded, you can skip commercials, fast forward and rewind with no restrictions during your viewing.
  • Once you’ve reached your 20-hour limit, Vidgo will automatically delete the oldest recording on your cloud DVR to make space for new content.
  • There is no time limit on the DVR storage. Unless your content gets replaced by something newer, it will be there as long as you’re a Vidgo subscriber.
Vidgo TV DVR menu
Vidgo DVR menu

Here’s how the cloud DVR functionality stacks up against some competitors.

3. Supported Devices

One of the biggest perks of cutting the cord and opting into a service like Vidgo is the variety of ways in which you can enjoy the content.

Not only can you move seamlessly from device to device, but you can also take your recorded content with you, thanks to the portability of the cloud DVR. So you can take your favorite movies and shows with you on vacation.

You can watch Vidgo on your phone, tablet or computer. It has an app available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

I tried the app on my iPad, and the functionality was mostly good. My two complaints would be longer-than-usual load times for channels, and I was also often asked to resubmit my login credentials between uses on the same device.

Many of us still like to enjoy entertainment on a television from the comfort of our couches. Vidgo has you covered in that area, too.


The streaming service’s list of supported devices for the TV include:

  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Google Chromecast
Vidgo menu on Google Chromecast
Vidgo menu on Google Chromecast

4. Multiple Streams 

Another big concern for cord cutters is ensuring that the entire household is able to enjoy watching television the same way that they have with cable.

Vidgo is a bit more competitive in this area than it is with DVR.

Each Vidgo account can watch up to three streams simultaneously, which matches YouTube TV’s concurrent stream policy.

Here’s how Vidgo stacks up against some of its competitors in this area.

Pros and Cons of Vidgo

Sports fans will like that many popular channels are included with the base subscription.Cloud DVR storage limit is restrictive and not competitive with the marketplace.
More than 110 channels for $69.99 per month is competitive with other popular live streaming services.Not all local channels are included, and several popular “cable” channels are unavailable.
You’ll find a smooth experience for fast forwarding, rewinding and skipping ahead on cloud DVR.I sometimes experienced slow channel load times during testing.

After a few weeks with Vidgo installed on my devices as my main live TV streaming option, I feel much better about talking about this service in comparison to its better-known competitors.

You’re not getting the very best selection of channels, but you’re not getting scammed by an unknown service either. This product offers what it claims to offer, and the pricing is in line with what you’re receiving.

Priced near Sling TV’s $55 Orange + Blue package and YouTube TV’s $73 base package, you’re going to get a good amount of the best sports and cable channels available at a price that is in line with the market.

But those who like local channels or Turner-owned cable channels will be disappointed by the selection.

While I mostly enjoyed my streaming experience with Vidgo, ultimately, it’s hard to recommend any streaming service that limits DVR storage to just 20 hours.


Most cord cutters are likely to either find a better deal with a company like Sling or Philo or a better selection of channels and features from a slightly more expensive service like YouTube TV, fuboTV, DIRECTV Stream or Hulu + Live TV.

Live TV streaming is an incredibly competitive marketplace occupied by some major companies with deep marketing budgets. This leaves me skeptical that Vidgo has done anything that differentiates its product from the others enough (through pricing, channel menu or features) to overcome their built-in market advantages.