Young people optimistic about the future


A new report from The Pew Research Center shows Millennials — those young people aged 18-29 — are very optimistic about the future.

This is actually in spite of the fact that they’re suffering from more unemployment than any other age group. Estimates suggest some 40 percent of Millennials can’t find jobs.

Ninety percent of Millennials believe they’ll have a good life financially as they move through the years. They’re taking the long-view that the rest of us should be taking about opportunities going forward.

Another interesting point is what Millennials say they value. The No. 1 thing? Being a good parent, by far. No. 2 was having a successful marriage; No. 3 was helping others in need; No. 4 was owning a home; No. 5 was having a high-paying career; and No. 6 was living a religious life.

At the very bottom of list, they picked having free time and becoming famous. That’s a sobering testimony to the disincentive of seeing the train-wreck lives of young entertainers like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, et al.

Being an optimist by nature himself, Clark loves the Millennials’ positive outlook for the future!

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