Real estate trend: Tiny homes are hot!


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TRANSCRIPT: The average house the United States has gotten steadily larger even though the average family size in that house has gotten smaller. That’s been consistent for years and years and years until right now.

There’s a new trend in housing that people are adopting all over the country. You may have heard about people buying tiny little homes, and I mean tiny houses. Somewhere in the range of 250 to 400 square feet, and that’s gotten all the publicity.

But under the radar there’s a much bigger trend in big and mid-sized cities around the country. That is people renting micro apartments. Apartments about the size of a typical hotel room. Usually 320 square feet. Now believe it or not, that is enough room to have a small kitchen, a studio kind of apartment, and a bathroom.

Why are people doing it? Because their housing costs drop, drop, drop. You’ve got to decide how fat you want your wallet to be because the size of the house or apartment you get could make the difference. I’m Clark Howard.

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