Americans cross the border for cheap dental care in Mexico

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Thousands of uninsured Americans are traveling to Mexico every day for dental care they otherwise couldn’t afford.

Located just a few miles from California and Arizona, Los Algodones is a Mexican town of roughly 6,000 people — 600 of whom are dentists. The town is widely known as Molar City.

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Molar City provides dental care to uninsured Americans

Americans and Canadians are flocking to this town to save up to 70% off procedures. NBC News recently spoke with a couple who traveled 1,000 miles to save $35,000 on dental implants.

Lower labor, real estate and malpractice costs help keep prices rock-bottom for consumers.

NBC News heard from multiple people who saved thousands of dollars. According to, a ceramic crown costs $340, a root canal is $200 and dentures start at $250.

Most dentists in the town speak English and many received training in the United States.

Since Medicare doesn’t cover most dental care, the trip to Molar City is one that many seniors and other uninsured Americans appear willing to make because they have no other options.

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No matter where you go to get your teeth fixed, the American Dental Association says it’s key to do your research beforehand.

Dental Departures is a free dental-tourism website that lets users search for dentists in 35 countries worldwide and read reviews from clients who have already had work done.

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