Free credit reports with your credit card


There’s a new surprise coming in most of our credit card statements, either already with this month statement, or you’ll see it later this year. Do you know that banks check out our credit score each and every month because they’re trying to decide if they should cut off our credit, maybe give us more credit, or make different offers to us depending on how we’re doing with everybody else?

So now as a marketing tool, more  and more of  the banks give you your score every month on your statement. Discover started this a couple years ago and now it’s spreading like wildfire through the banking business. You might even find it on your monthly car loan statement if you have a car loan. The reason this is so important is if you see your credit score going steadily down, you might need to change something you’re doing. Look at what’s going on with your credit. If your score is steadily going up that’s a great thing. It may mean you’re eligible for better offers, so look at that statement, see if you see that number, and track it. I’m Clark Howard.

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