Don’t go here if you’re hungry…


TRANSCRIPT: Do I love a good juicy burger. If you’re a vegetarian I don’t mean to offend you. Making you hungry seeing food? Well one thing you should never do when you’re hungry is go shop in a supermarket. Do you know why? Studies have shown that if you go in to buy groceries when you’re hungry, you’re gonna buy higher profit items from the store, more expensive things, more snacks, more bad for your food. You’re supposed to go in already with your tummy happy.

Now there’s a new study in a medical journal that says, same thing for traditional retail stores! Who would have ever seen this connection? I’ll tell you I wouldn’t have, but if you go into a traditional clothing store or discount store or whatever and you’re hungry, you have those hunger pains when you go in, you will buy more stuff, spend more money than you would if you were on a full stomach.

So remember, you’re gonna keep your wallet fatter if you make sure your tummy is fuller.

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