4 Simple Tweaks That Will Enhance Your Home’s Value

4 Simple Tweaks That Will Enhance Your Home’s Value
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ShopSmart magazine did a Top 10 list of things you could do to your home that have the greatest payoff in enhanced value.

These easy DIY projects will increase your property’s value

Years ago, a real estate agent told me the No. 1 thing you can do at the lowest cost is paint the front door. Well, ShopSmart agrees. This is an easy fix that will cost you $40 on average.

Of course, painting your front door can backfire. I was driving with my son through a very traditional neighborhood and saw one homeowner who painted their door neon yellow! But if you just stick with a conservative color, you should be just fine to do this yourself. 

Next on the ShopSmart list was eliminating clutter with simple storage systems that can cost $50 and up.

Third on the list was painting high traffic areas. I’ve seen this one in my own home, where we’ve scuffed and dinged all the usual parts of a house. But when somebody comes to look at a home for sale, they are trying to buy their dream — not the reality where you scuffed up the house!

Fourth on the list is one that I would only recommend if you are going to stay in the home for a while: Change out the toilets in your house. My producer Joel changes his own toilets and got a rebate from the water company for the $99 value of his new toilet.

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