Good Samaritan saves woman


Did you hear about the Mormon bishop who saved a woman being beaten in the street by wielding a samurai sword?

Kent Hendrix also happens to be a fourth-degree black belt and a martial arts instructor. He was alerted to a disturbance outside his home and grabbed a 29-inch steel sword to run outside.

He raised the weapon and told the woman’s attacker to back off and get on the ground, like the police might do.

“His eyes just got huge, as big as saucers,” Hendrix told the Los Angeles Times. “I drew on him and he backpedaled and he jumped into the ivy, saying, ‘I’m leaving! I’m leaving! I’m leaving!’ I don’t think he’s ever had anyone draw a sword on him before.”

The attacker got away, but was so scared that he turned himself into police.

Kent is somebody who saw something and did something. Of course, he had the training and was prepared to make a difference. The point is, he got involved.

Then there’s the story of Kristina Anderson, a student at Virginia Tech who was shot twice in the back, once in the foot during the horrific 2007 campus shooting. She’s since made a full recovery and dedicated herself to promoting campus safety by launching a new free smartphone app for iOS and Android.

LiveSafe allows for two-way communication between campus police, and faculty, staff, and students.

This app will be refined over time and can play a role in any natural or man-made disaster, not just campus shootings.

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