Clarkrageous moment: Must see video


You want to think the best of people, but the world is such a mix of personalities both good and bad. I have two stories to share, one of somebody who did the wrong thing, and another that will restore your faith in humanity with the story of somebody who did the right thing.

The first story comes courtesy of CBS 13 in Sacramento. A customer at El Pollo Loco dropped $2,200 in cash out of his pocket in the parking lot. He goes in to the restaurant and orders his food, and then he suddenly realizes he doesn’t have the money.

Meanwhile, security cameras spotted a man in the parking lot who noticed the first man drop his money. The bad guy goes over nonchalantly and picks it up. Then he goes into the restaurant to see the first man frantic about his lost money.

This bad dude orders food, sits down, and eat his lunch completely with no affect, watching the first man the whole time. In California, misappropriation of lost funds is a crime. Now there’s a reward out for his arrest. He has not been found to my knowledge.

See video footage of the crime as it happened.

What a louse. To see somebody drop their money and then just pick it up like finders, keepers?

The other story that will restore your faith comes from CBS Chicago. A man in the Windy City found $8,000 outside a bank drive-through window. Did he keep the money? No! He went inside to find out how he could reunite the money with its rightful owner.

The right thing and the wrong thing. Yin and yang. Two sides of the same coin. What would you do if you thought no one was looking?

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