The worst gifts you could buy someone this Christmas


Ever received a gift that infamously became ‘the worst gift ever’? 

Consumer Reports did some research to find out exactly what people don’t want this year to help you avoid unnecessary social awkwardness this Christmas. Surprisingly, it wasn’t gag gifts! 

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The absolute worst gifts, according to Consumer Reports

Below are the worst gifts, according to a Consumer Reports phone survey of 1,300 randomly selected US adults.

  1. Hard liquor like rum, vodka, or whiskey: 20%
  2. Flowers: 16%
  3. Anything clearly re-gifted: 12% (the idea is to not make it obvious)
  4. Home décor items like picture frames or candles: 11%
  5. Lottery tickets: 10%
  6. Gift cards or gift certificates: 5%
  7. Wine, books, food, kitchen items, socks, and clothes: 4%

All this leaves us with one very important question — what do you get someone for Christmas? 

What to get instead

The survey revealed that 80% of people would prefer to receive a practical gift this year versus something fancy. Cash was the best gift according to respondents — and when given a choice between gift cards and cash, 57% of folks said they’d prefer the latter. 

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