What is America’s most popular grocery store?


LOUISVILLE, Colo. — Market Force’s annual customer survey has revealed America’s favorite grocery store.

For the first time in four years, Trader Joe’s has been dethroned from the top spot.

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Who’s the new grocery champ?

Trader Joe’s has fallen to number three. Number two on the list is Publix, a supermarket chain in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and South Carolina.

The Huffington Post reported that the rankings come from over 10,000 consumers who rated their satisfaction with a recent grocery store and how likely they are to recommend it to others.

Number one on the list is Wegmans, which has locations Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

The survey doesn’t rank grocery stores only on customer visits and recommendations. There are different rankings for specific attributes as well.

Trader Joe’s remains number one for cashier courtesy, but Publix is at the top of the list for all other attributes, including store cleanliness, item availability and checkout speed, according to a news release.

Aldi is ranked highest for best prices, with WinCo and Costco just below.

The top 15 grocery stores are listed below:

  1. Wegmans

  2. Publix

  3. Trader Joe’s

  4. Hy-Vee

  5. Aldi

  6. Costco

  7. H-E-B

  8. Kroger

  9. WinCo

  10. ShopRite

  11. Meijer

  12. Giant Food Stores

  13. Safeway

  14. Stop & Shop

  15. Walmart

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