New free app resolves customer service issues for you!


If you detest calling any customer service department to resolve an issue (really, who doesn’t?), then you might be relieved to know there is now a new service that might be able to help.

The service is actually called Service, and its aim is to help you avoid spending hours on the phone with any company’s customer service rep.

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How it works

Service is an app and website where you can post your customer service issue and the company goes to work on your behalf.

Hate spending time calling customer service to resolve an issue? This new service might be for you

Simply download the app or go to, create an account, select the company that is giving you grief and describe your issue. You may need to upload pertinent details such as receipts and order numbers, and Service requests that you be as detailed as possible.

A Service customer, Mary, saved $450 and says of the service, ‘You guys have restored my faith in customer service.’

Though Service does not guarantee results, the company does try very hard to find a fair solution!

The best part? It takes about 30 seconds to begin using Service to go to work on your behalf, saving you precious time and headache. 

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How does Service make money?

But if Services gets you your money, then the question is, how do they make money? 

At this time Service is completely free. Since the company is so new, it is offering its service for people to try — no strings attached, completely free of charge.

Ready to try it out? Head on over to to begin! 

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