11 money-saving hacks at Starbucks


Starbucks is one those places we love to visit, even though it’s not always the best choice for our wallets. But believe it or not, there are ways to save money and still get your java fix.

Here, I’ve rounded up the best Starbucks money-saving hacks to use on your next visit.

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11 money-saving hacks at Starbucks

1. Check the menu

There are plenty of options to choose from, such as iced coffees, which are less than $4. As an added bonus, some of the drinks even have fewer calories.

2. DIY iced lattes 

Order a triple espresso over ice, Venti size. Add some milk, and you have a latte for less than $3.

3. Score cheap refills 

You may be able to get your cup refilled for just 50 cents. This offer works any time of the day on any sized item, but you can’t get just anything for 50 cents. You are limited to hot coffee, hot tea, iced coffee or iced tea (even if that was not what you originally purchased).

4. Bring your own cup 


Help the environment by using your own cup. You’ll also knock 10 cents off of your purchase.

5. Fido gets freebies

Starbucks offers dogs a puppy latte, or Puppuccino, which is a sample of whipped cream.

6. Score 2 for 1

A Venti is $4 versus a Tall, which is $3. The thing is, a Venti is actually the size of two Talls, which makes Venti the better deal. Split the drink with a friend, and you’ll both get a Tall for $2.

7. Get a gift card

If you’re going to buy drinks, at least consider using a Starbucks gift card to pay. Just make sure to register the card, as you get a free item on your birthday each year. From free in-store refills to free food after making 12 purchases, this one can be worth it.

8. Skip bottled water

Order water from them instead of paying expensive bottled water prices.

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9. Get a coffee press

Order a coffee press, which provides a few cups, then split the cost with some friends.

10. Upsize it

Order a Tall drip in a large cup. That gives you more room to add milk and still pay for a Tall.

11. Ask for less ice

Order your drink with half or no ice so that you get more drink in your cup.

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