Grocery service for those too busy to shop

TRANSCRIPT: For at least thirty years people have thought there is a business in delivering your groceries to you, and except for New York and San Francisco nobody’s ever been truly successful with home delivery of groceries.  
Now there is a fast growing company called Instacart that’s adding cities all the time, where they do grocery delivery to your home. You pay $5 plus a tip to the person who brings your groceries to you. You are trusting somebody else to pick out your produce. If you are really picky on your fruits and vegetables this probably isn’t for you, but the convenience of not being able to go to the supermarket is something that a lot of people love.  
My wife years ago used to use a company called Webvan that went out of business, and was really sad when Webvan went away. She loved the idea of not having to go to the supermarket. So this might be the opportunity if you are like her. Check out Instacart.

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