15 of the best Dollar Tree storage and organization ideas

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If you want to get more organized around the house, cheap storage bins from discount stores like Dollar Tree can have a big impact on a small budget!

I recently went to my local dollar store in search of the best home storage and organization solutions available right now.

Dollar Tree organization hacks: Cheap storage bins, baskets, buckets and more! 

Kathryn from the Do It On A Dime blog was my inspiration. I watched a YouTube video of her walking around the biggest Dollar Tree I’ve ever seen as she showed off her recommended items to tidy up your home.

If you always thought money expert Clark Howard was Dollar Tree’s #1 fan, wait until you see this woman shop…

When I stopped by Dollar Tree, I found many of the budget-friendly supplies that Kathryn featured in her YouTube video and a few others that she didn’t mention. The best part? They only cost $1 each!

Here’s a list of my favorite dollar store organization and storage products:

1. Bucket with rope handle: This may be the best thing that Dollar Tree sells! I use this 2.5-gallon bucket to store cleaning supplies under the sink and just carry it from room to room when I’m doing my weekly chores.

 Dollar Tree Multipurpose Rope-Handle Bucket, 2.5 Gal.

2. Space-saving storage container with lid: It’s easy to find what you’re looking for with this translucent storage container, which comes in blue, green and red. I have dishwasher and laundry detergent packs in mine.

Dollar Tree Small Rectangular Translucent Plastic Storage Containers with Lids

3. Plastic canister: Keep pantry pests like ants and roaches away by storing food in plastic containers. This one holds five pounds of rice and is perfect for other dry goods and snacks.

Plastic Canisters with Green Twist on Lids

4. Index card file boxes: These little containers aren’t just for index cards! I have spare keys in one and credit cards in another. They’re small enough to fit easily into my desk drawer.


Index Card File Box

5. Drawer organizers with grip bottom: You can find several sizes of drawer organizers at Dollar Tree. I put kitchen utensils and steak knives in them. The grip bottom prevents the organizers from sliding around.

 White Drawer Organizers with Grip Bottom

6. Rectangular plastic baskets: I don’t like a lot of clutter on my bathroom countertop, so these handy baskets help organize the small space. They come in packs of three for just a buck!

Multi-purpose plastic baskets:

7. 3-compartment plastic caddy: This plastic caddy is where I store health and beauty products that I need on a daily basis. When I’m not using it, I tuck it under the sink and out of sight.

3-compartment plastic caddy

8. Plastic storage box with lid: This storage box is big enough for a pair of shoes, but I use it to organize the cabinet where I keep my stockpile of personal care items. The shelf liner in the background is also from the dollar store.

Plastic Storage Boxes with Lids

9. Color-coded labels: After buying so many plastic storage containers, I needed some labels to clearly identify what’s inside of them. This 60-pack of colorful labels is just $1.

Color-coded labels from Dollar Tree

10. Dry erase board and markers: I have a dry erase board attached to the inside of the cabinet where I store my stockpile of health and beauty products. This list helps me avoid last-minute trips to the drugstore.

Dry erase board Dollar Tree

11. Small square plastic containers: Is your junk drawer a disorganized mess? Mine was until I bought these small containers that hold all those little things that just don’t belong anywhere else.

Small square plastic containers

12. Decorative cube storage: Fabric storage bins and baskets come in various sizes at Dollar Tree. I have a few of them in my closet to hold shirts, shoes and belts. The larger size is better quality.

Decorative cube storage:

13. Sweater storage bag: If you’re ready to pack away your winter clothes for the summer, these storage bags are a must-have! You get two of them for a dollar.


Sweater storage bags Dollar Tree

14. Plastic slotted basket: Here’s another storage container that I found at Dollar Tree. This one holds my dog’s medications and slides into a narrow cabinet. Find them in green, red and blue.

Plastic slotted baskets

15. Desk calendar: Whether you’re keeping up with birthdays or bills, these small calendars from Dollar Tree are a great buy. There are also journals and notepads in the office supply section to help you manage to-do lists.

Dollar Tree calendars

Getting organized will save you money in the long run! 

Have you ever rushed to the store to buy replacement items — like batteries — only to find some buried in a drawer once you got home? Stop doing that and get organized once and for all!

Pick up a few inexpensive storage bins and you can quit wasting time and money on those unnecessary shopping trips.

The organization and storage supplies that I bought at Dollar Tree may not be the same quality as products sold at The Container Store, Bed Bath & Beyond or even T.J. Maxx — but they’re not bad and won’t break your budget.

What’s your secret to a clutter-free home? Share your inexpensive organization hacks in the comments below!

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