Clark’s 17-cent razor meets its match


I recently read on MSNBC about a company that’s developed a new razor that’s such a deal. I just have to run out and buy this right now!

The Zafirro Iridium razor has hypoallergenic sapphire blades and an iridium handle. (Iridium is a material used in the aerospace industry for durability of parts like rocket engines!) The solid white blades are said to be impervious to oxidation and corrosion.

So how much is this wonderful razor? $100,000!! Only 99 of these things will be made available in a limited edition. Can you imagine?! Could there be something that’s more the anti-Clark than this?!

I shave with a 17-cent razor and these people are pushing a $100,000 one.

My wife recently let me know she’s not exactly happy with my 17-cent razors, so she bought me an electric razor for my birthday. Now, I’ve never used an electric razor before. It’s still sitting in the box, but I’ve got to take it out and try it. Boy, it looks like it was expensive!

We’ll see if I get a closer shave with it. I’ll shave one side with each razor and take some pictures to let you see.

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