No one will believe you paid $1 for these Dollar Tree finds

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If you’re a regular Dollar Tree shopper — or someone who just stops by occasionally — you know the store is filled with amazing ways to stretch a buck.

The best things to buy at the dollar store

Sure, we’ve heard that things like electric cords, pet food and soda aren’t always worth it.

On the other hand, there are plenty of items at the dollar store that your friends and family will swear cost a lot more. Read our list and let us know on Facebook and Twitter if you have anything to add!

Greeting cards

You know you’re getting a good deal when greeting cards cost almost the same as the stamp you use to mail them. At many dollar stores, they’re 2 for $1. And if you flip over the card to where the price is located, it’ll usually have a higher price. The person receiving the card will never know!

No one will believe you paid $1 for these dollar store finds


It’s not a birthday party without balloons and Dollar Tree sells them for $1 each. You can also buy them online and have them inflated at your local store for no additional cost. This is a popular item, so there’s a pretty good selection, usually behind the register.

Gift bags & other must-haves

You could spend up to $5 or more at other retailers to buy a gift bag, but they’re just a buck at dollar stores. There’s also a huge selection of gift wrap, boxes, ribbons and bows. If you don’t stock up on those supplies after Christmas at other retailers, this can be a great deal!

Plastic utensils, plus paper cups, plates & napkins

If you don’t want to risk having someone drop your nice dishware, dollar stores sell all of the things you need for a backyard barbecue in a variety of colors. The utensils should even be tough enough to cut through Dollar Tree’s $1 steaks.

Pregnancy tests

A pregnancy test can cost about $10 at stores like CVS, but Dollar Tree says its option is 99% accurate and gives results in 1 to 3 minutes.

No one will believe you paid $1 for these dollar store finds


Some cleaning products

While some of these products may not be worth it because of their smaller size, you can find big containers of items like glass cleaner and dish soap. recommends Dollar Tree’s generic version of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Some spices

If your spice rack is looking a little bare, stock up at a dollar store. A Consumer Reports taste test found that people generally can’t tell the difference between cheap and expensive spices, especially in dishes with many ingredients.

But pay attention to the net weight listed on the packaging! Spices may be even less expensive at Aldi.

Sunglasses & reading glasses

Do you have a habit of losing your sunglasses or reading glasses? Then this is the place for you. A recent NBC News investigation found that cheap sunglasses provide the same protection from the sun compared to the expensive brands. And believe it or not, most people couldn’t tell the difference between the two!

No one will believe you paid $1 for these dollar store finds

Coloring books

Anyone with a young child knows that they can run through coloring books quickly. Dollar stores carry plenty of them, and they even have adult coloring books, which many people use to reduce stress.


If you’re on the fence about buying food at the dollar store, you could always start with something from the candy aisle. Movie theater-sized boxes of your favorite brands are just a buck.

No one will believe you paid $1 for these dollar store finds

Kitchen towels & other essentials

Know someone who’s moving into their first apartment? Have them check out the selection of dish towels, oven mitts and pot holders. You might also find other handy kitchen utensils, but evaluate the quality because they get mixed reviews online.

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