7 Things on Deep Discount in August

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Summer is slowly starting to wind down, but the deals are still heating up for shoppers everywhere. This August is highlighted by back-to-school sales, free national park admission, summer clothing clearance deals and more.

Here Are the Best August Deals

Here’s what you can expect to find on sale this month.


With kids heading back to the classroom, retailers are lowering prices on school supplies such as notebooks, pencils and more. Target, Walmart, Amazon are just some of the great places to shop no matter whether you’re going to kindergarten or college.

Potentially sweetening the deal for back-to-school shopping is that some states offer a sales tax holiday around this time of year. That means you could keep more money in your pocket and get the supplies you need for your children (or yourself) if you’re talking about laptops and other electronics. Check the full list of participating states and dates here.

Meanwhile, Sam’s Club also offers a $20 membership for teachers through August 17. Speaking of which, the warehouse club previously had a weeklong sale in August, but is now letting the sales run for most of the month. On tap are more than $6,700 in Instant Savings! See full details of the sale that runs through August 20 here. Not a Sam’s Club member? You can get a 12-month membership for $25. This is a savings of 50%!

National Park Admission

Mark your calendars: The National Park Service is offering free admission to sites that normally charge an entrance fee on August 4.

That particular day marks the anniversary of the Great American Outdoors Act. While many national parks are free every day, more than 100 of them regularly charge fees between $3 and $30.

The fee waiver includes entrance fees, commercial tour fees and transportation entrance fees.

Assorted Holiday Savings Opportunities

August has a couple of notable food and fun holidays that usually offer up the opportunity to get some discounted or free food and activities.

For instance, August 4 is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day; many shops and restaurants will offer a free cookie.


Meanwhile, August 12 marks National Bowling Day. Bowlero is among the chains known to offer a great deal on bowling in honor of the holiday. In addition, the Kids Bowl Free program is still running through the end of the summer.

Finally, don’t forget about National Thrift Shop Day on August 17. Check out a thrift store near you for a deal!


August 23 marks Cheap Flight Day, which is one of our favorite days! Clark Howard has long been a fan of Going, formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights. Scott began Going because he would find amazing travel deals for himself, and he realized many other people also wanted to know about these amazing travel deals.

But the deals aren’t confined to just one day. In fact, Clark says booking travel in the second half of August for autumn is a deal.

“[By] mid-August and later, prices [will be] so much better. I’ve seen the trend and it’s your and my friend.”

You can keep up with all the deals by signing up for our free Clark Deals newsletter! See current travel deals at Clark Deals.

Summer Clothes and Flip Flops

If you’re looking for some accessories to freshen up your closet, August is a great month to shop. Want to save big? Look for summer clothing clearance items. Many retailers will be running clothing clearance sales throughout the end of summer as they try to get rid of inventory. Another item on discount this month tends to be flip flops. There’s still plenty of time left to use them!

Air Conditioners and Fans

For example, check out this TaoTronics tower fan 36″ bladeless fan with remote for $52.99 on sale at Walmart. You’ll save $67 on the regular price. That beats the next best price we found direct from the manufacturer.

And that’s just one of dozens of best deals this week at Walmart that we’ve identified. See the full list here.

Used Cars

High car prices have been bedeviling consumers throughout the pandemic. But that trend is finally beginning to reverse.

“As I promised back in my beginning-of-the-year predictions, I said the back half of 2023 is when we were going to see significantly better prices on vehicles, and that is absolutely going to play out,” Clark says.


However, Clark notes that you may not feel the full benefit because of moves the Federal Reserve is making. “You’re going to lose some of that benefit because interest rates on vehicle loans are so much higher now,” he says.

Final Thoughts

By the time we get to August, summer is almost gone for a lot of folks. Vacations are fast becoming a memory and it’s time to prepare for back-to-school season. But the savings still continue to shine as brightly as ever!

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