These retailers will reward you for abandoning your online shopping cart

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If you’ve ever added items to your virtual shopping cart ‘ then walked away from the purchase at the last minute ‘ retailers are eager for your business.

And they want you to buy from them so badly that they may be willing to offer you a discount.

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What is shopping cart abandonment?

Shopping cart abandonment is the retail industry’s term for when shoppers load up their cart and then have second thoughts for whatever reason.

If the company has your email, you can expect something in your inbox the next day.

According to eMarketer, about 40% of consumers open emails from stores about their abandoned shopping carts ‘ and here’s a reason why.

How to score a deal

Many of those emails may contain coupons to encourage you to finish your purchase.

According to the blog Rather Be Shopping, most retailers don’t give coupons if you abandon your shopping cart, but there are more than a dozen that currently do:

Testing it out

We decided to put this savings method to the test by adding an item to an online shopping cart at Bed Bath & Beyond. A 20% off coupon was delivered to our inbox the next day ‘ and they kept coming.

These retailers will reward you for abandoning your online shopping cart


Know when to abandon your cart

If you’re hoping to receive one of these coupons, Rather Be Shopping says you’ll obviously have to register with the retailer, so they know your email address.

And remember not to close the browser until you get to the payment page.

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