11 purchases that could change your life for less than $30

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Everybody loves a bargain — it’s a wonderful thing when you feel like you get more than what you paid for. But have you ever bought something relatively inexpensive that you thought was truly life-altering?

That was the question posed recently on social news discussion site Reddit, in a group dedicated to discussing frugality. Everyone’s definition of “life-altering” is different, of course, but we found many of the answers enlightening. Here are some of our favorites.

People say these small investments made a huge difference in their lives 

Good quality pillows

“[S]plurge on a nice $20-30 pillow. It’s worlds away from a $5 pillow.” (Source)

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Insulated thermal bag

“Every time I’ve gotten take-out or fast food to take home I’ve put it in the bag and it’s still warm by the time I get back.” (Source)

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Portable cell charger

“Portable cell charger, literally using mine right now on a plane.” (Source)

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Fabric shaver

“It shaves all the little fabric pills and tufts that form on a garment by natural wear and tear, and help it look new again. I’ve saved nice wool coats and fleeces that were starting to get frumpy. That paired with washing items on the gentle cycle only and air drying whenever possible greatly extends garment life.” (Source)

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Electric toothbrush

“My teeth feel sooo much cleaner, and I’m more likely to go the full 2 minutes, since mine has a built in timer.” (Source)

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Toilet bidet attachment

“Getting a bidet attachment changed my life. Only downside is having to go without it on vacation.” (Source)

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Rice cooker

“I make a rice based lunch for every day of the working week for myself and my fianceé – this device has changed the game for me in my meal preps. I have the most basic model with a ‘Cook/Warm’ switch and nothing more to it. Happily cooks brown rice, white rice and I’ve even done risotto in it.” (Source)

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Meat thermometer

“The difference between well cooked and over cooked chicken is huge.” (Source)

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Silicon baking sheets

“Costco had them at 15 dollars for three. We use them for snacks and meals and baking and making candy in the microwave (can pour it out to cool without nonstick spray) no more parchment paper. Easy to wash.” (Source)

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Jumper cables

“Purchased for $10 and it has been a major life-saver for myself and others.” (Source)

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“They roam the backyard eating bugs and table scraps, of course they get feed too, but I get at least 4 eggs a day, and sell a dozen or two to pay for their feed. There have been many hungry nights saved by plucking eggs out of the back yard. They also fertalize my garden which is another way of getting so much food you can’t eat it all for just a few bucks for seeds.” (Source)

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Have you bought something for less than $30 that has changed your life? Let us know in the comments or over on Facebook!

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