Impostors posing as utility workers to burglarize homes


RIP-OFF ALERT: If you’re visited unexpectedly at home by a utility worker, you might want to think twice before opening your door. I have a warning about a new danger posed by impostors.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports criminals are apparently wearing the uniforms of local utility companies and showing up at people’s doors saying there’s a problem in the neighborhood and they need to check something inside your home.

Once they’re inside, they steal whatever valuables they can find, including jewelry and cash. Or they use entry as a way to case your house and then wait until you’re not home to steal your possessions.

It’s not the fault of the utility companies that these criminals are somehow obtaining uniforms and impersonating techs. So I want you to alert your family members, particularly the elderly, about this threat.

What should you do if you get into this mess? Do not allow someone in your home who claims to be from a utility company, unless you have called the utility company and you know that there’s an active service ticket on your property.

If the uniformed person insists on coming in, stop them and lock the door. Then go call your utility company to determine if there’s any reason for a tech to be at your door. Most of the time once you close the door and call, the phony baloneys will take off running.

Be mindful and be aware of your surroundings. Alert your aging relatives. Older people are generally more trusting of strangers and you need to raise their awareness.

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