Warning: Phone scammers promising Costco members travel vouchers, cash cards

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Phone scammers are calling Costco members with the promise of free travel vouchers, cash cards or reduced-price vacations in exchange for taking a survey.

Here’s what you need to know to stay safe…

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Scam alert: Callers offering free Costco gift cards

In a new consumer scam alert, the Costa County District Attorney’s Office in Martinez, California, warns that criminals are ringing people up and claiming to work with Costco.

They’re offering a $500 Costco Travel Credit or Costco Cash Card if you’ll take a survey that requires you to provide personal information over the phone.

In addition, the criminals are using software to make their numbers appear local, even though they’re not.

Costco has confirmed these callers are not employed by the warehouse-club chain or its travel division.

If you’ve fallen victim to this fraud — or just want to take steps to prevent your identity from being stolen in general — be sure to put a credit freeze in place on your credit files, which you’ll soon be able to do for free, and sign up for a free credit monitoring service such as CreditKarma.com or CreditSesame.com.

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