Warning: This Wegmans coupon on Facebook is fake


If you’ve seen a Wegmans coupon pop up on Facebook recently, don’t click! It’s very likely fake, and clicking on it could compromise your information. 

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Wegmans $100 voucher is fake

According to a statement on the official Wegmans Facebook page, the free $100 voucher circulating around social media is fradulent. 

In a company press release on Thursday, Wegmans’ media relations coordinator Valerie Fox said, “We’re actively working to have this fraudulent post removed from Facebook. We urge consumers not to click it, share it, or provide any personal information.”

Additionally, the grocery chain posted this message on its Facebook page: 

This is what the fake voucher looks like: 

Beware of this fake Wegman's coupon on Facebook

So if you see this coupon on Facebook, don’t click! Instead, report the post as fradulent. This will alert Facebook to the scam so it can be removed from Facebook. 

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