9 Things on Deep Discount in July

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July is a big month for money-saving deals. In fact, you could make the case that it’s second in importance on the annual deals calendar only to the beginning of the holiday shopping season in November.

What makes July so special? Well, you’ve got the Independence Day sales, Amazon Prime Day and the longstanding retail tradition of those “Christmas in July” blowouts.

It all adds up to a savings tsunami that comes on with the ferocity of a summer thunderstorm!

Here Are the Best July Deals

Let’s take a look at exactly what’s on sale this July.

Independence Day Deals

The Fourth of July holiday has long been associated with sales. This year, you can expect to find big deals on clothing and electronics, not to mention home items such as appliances, (more on that later), grills, furniture and tools. In previous years, our team over at Clark Deals has noted this seasonal sale as one of the best times to buy items for the home, as well as heavily discounted clothing and shoes.

Clark Deals writer Jennifer Murray says, “There are also some discounts on grills and outdoor furniture, with prices on those items expected to drop further into the fall. However, summer clothes are a great deal right now, and you can also find deals on furniture.”

Our team has cooked up a list of 100+ of the best 4th of July deals happening now right here!

Amazon Prime Day & Related Sales

July marks the return of Amazon Prime Day, with the annual two-day sales celebration for Prime members set for July 16 & 17.

But you don’t have to wait that long to start shopping for deals! Check out some early Prime Day deals happening ahead of the online extravaganza right here. You can also read our guide to see if Amazon Prime is really worth it.

Meanwhile, other retailers want to keep you from spending all your shopping dollars on Amazon. Walmart has announced its Walmart Deals sale will be happening the week prior on Monday, July 8 through Thursday, July 11, while Target is hosting the return of Target Circle Week July 7 through July 13 with thousands of deals in all categories. We expect to see competing sales from other retailers such as Best Buy as well.


Last year, our team at Clark Deals found nearly 200 of the absolute best deals during Prime Day. Don’t miss any of these great deals by signing up for the Clark Deals newsletter!

Freebies & Discounts for Kids & Teens

With the summer in full swing, free or cheap offers for children and teens abound. For example, Regal Movies offers its Summer Movie Express, which has $1 movies for families all summer long. Regional chains Harkins and Classic Cinemas have similar promotions.

In addition to discounted movies, there are also options for kids including free bowling and free skating during the summer. Plus, there’s a Planet Fitness offer that lets teens work out for free all summer long!

Early Back to School Deals

Amazon Prime Day also offers a lot of ways to save for back to school shopping, typically on electronics and clothing. And then shortly after Prime Day ends, you’ll find back to school shopping begins in earnest across the retail landscape. We’re already seeing school supplies for as low as 35 cents at Staples, and as low as 15 cents at Target.

Your state may also have a sales tax holiday this month or next to sweeten the early back to school shopping value proposition and save you even more money on big purchases!


July has several notable food holidays that usually serve up the opportunity to get some discounted or free food.

Be on the lookout for edible deals around these times:

  • Free Slurpee Day – July 11 (7-Eleven, get it?)
  • National Fry Day – July 12
  • National Hot Dog Day – July 17
  • National Ice Cream Day – July 21
  • National Tequila Day – July 24
  • National Lasagna Day – July 29
  • National Cheesecake Day – July 30

And though it’s not a food holiday, sometimes beauty retailers pick up the buzz for National Lipstick Day by offering deals on cosmetics. MAC, Smashbox and Ulta are a few companies that have celebrated in the past.

Black Friday in July & Other Sales

So, we all know this month is just about as polar opposite to November and December that you can get. Yet retailers have long used July as an excuse for holiday-like sales.

In fact, according to Sean Scott, VP and GM of consumer shopping at Google, interest in this shopping season has become even bigger than travel.

“In recent years, online searches for ‘deals’ have spiked in mid July, even surpassing search interest in ‘vacation,'” he said.


As par for the course, the Macy’s Black Friday in July event is already underway, while Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale 2024 begins on July 15.

Meanwhile, the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale is going strong with savings of 50% to 75% off select items.


Summer is officially in full swing and this is a great time to buy a grill. You’ll find markdowns on charcoal grills and gas grills as well as Kamado ceramic grills. See our most up-to-date list of the best grill deals here.


The Fourth of July sales make this month one of the best times to buy appliances. As ClarkDeals.com writer Jennifer Murray notes, you have the opportunity to buy “Made in America” when you buy brands such as GE, Maytag, Frigidaire, Bosch and Whirlpool.

Clark recently commented about appliances being a deal now in stark contrast to recent years:

“Dial back 4 years ago. Americans were buying everything imaginable for their homes, because we were hunkered down spending so much more time in our homes.

And now you look to today, Americans aren’t interested in anything for their homes. I mean, before, if you wanted a new refrigerator, a freezer, a dishwasher, an oven, a stovetop, whatever — you couldn’t get them. TVs were like impossible to get between the supply chain problems and the demand, the prices went crazy. Now they’ve gone the other way.

So if you zig while other people zag, things for the home, so many things for the home, even putting in a pool at your home, so much better a deal today than they were in ’20, ’21 and ’22, even better than ’23.”

See current deals on appliances right here!

Home Security Cameras

As part of the big push around electronics discounts this month, you should be on the lookout for deals on home security cameras.

For example, Amazon has in the past discounted the Blink Mini indoor security camera to $15 during Prime Week, currently $15.99 as an early Prime Day deal. The Blink Mini pan-tilt camera gives you 360-degree coverage from your smartphone, tablet or compatible Alexa device. It makes a great affordable solution for monitoring pets in your home while you’re away!

Final Thoughts

Summer is in full swing and so are the deals, too. In fact, there’s hardly a better month to take advantage of all the sales than July!

Want to see what’s on sale right now? Check out today’s best deals from ClarkDeals.com.