11 Things on Deep Discount in January

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It’s the start of both a new month and a new year. And if you still have breathing room in your budget after the holidays, January can be a great time to pick up some spectacular deals!

The post-holiday month has long been known for “white sales” when retailers drastically lower the price on bedding, towels and anything that’s generally cotton-y and fluffy.

But the savings in January are about so much more than just that.

Here Are the Best January Deals

Clearance Christmas Decor, Wrapping Paper and Supplies

OK, we’ve finally made it through the craziness of the holidays! That means it’s time for deep discounts on anything Christmas-related. Now is the time to stock up for next year.

It’s not uncommon to find markdowns of up to 70% or more…and you know you’re going to need it all over again come December! Just be sure to shop early to get the best pick of what’s left over.

Holiday-themed gift sets can be a particularly good buy because you’re still getting the same product you can use year-round, according to ClarkDeals.com Senior Editor Sarah Jordan.

Clothing Sales

January is a big month for semi-annual sales. This is especially true for the clothing and shoe categories.

By the time winter officially began on December 21, clothing retailers started gearing up for spring. Factor in the push to unload unsold clothing, athletic sneakers and shoes after the holidays, and you’ve got a winter savings tsunami on your hands!

Stay up-to-date with the best clothing deals right here and the best deals on footwear here.

Warehouse Club Memberships

Clark Howard is a big fan of warehouse clubs including Costco Wholesale, Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale Club. If you’re not a warehouse club member, January is a great month to join because you can easily track your savings all year long.


We’ve got deals for Sam’s Club memberships and BJ’s memberships at the moment. Costco also has a membership deal as well.

Meanwhile, Clark compares the three main warehouse clubs to his children and says it’s hard to pick a favorite. Yet when pressed, the answer becomes clear!

“The maximum mark-up in Costco is 14%, except for [store brand] Kirkland Signature at 15%. Those are the lowest markups above cost in retail,” he says.

Also of note: Costco’s incredible return policy!


Other than National Spaghetti Day on January 4, January doesn’t have much in the way of dedicated food holidays that offer the opportunity to get discounted or free food.

We have seen Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, Shake Shack and others offer free food to encourage you to eat with them in previous Januarys. And we know for sure that Wendy’s is offering a year’s worth of Frostys for $3 for a good cause!

But you also should keep your eye on the meal kit providers this month. They tend to have sales that include offers of a free box or a free first week, with some kits focused on healthy eating in the new year.

TVs and Appliances

As a general rule, the first couple months of the new year are a good time to score a deal on a television.

There’s a big push at retailers ahead of the conclusion of the NFL season, and that’s when prices start to drop. So if you’re looking to upgrade to a bigger screen size or a new technology ahead of the Big Game, the start of a new year is a great time to look! See the latest deals right here.

Meanwhile, Clark is also noticing that appliances are in oversupply. Therefore, he’s expecting to see deals throughout January. Keep track of all the great appliance deals here.

National Park Admission

Mark your calendars: The National Park Service is offering free admission to sites that normally charge an entrance fee on January 15.


That particular day marks the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. While many national parks are free every day, more than 100 of them regularly charge fees between $3 and $30.

The fee waiver includes entrance fees, commercial tour fees and transportation entrance fees. Find more details here.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Sales

Speaking of MLK Day, department stores like Macy’s have long been known to run sales during long three-day weekends like this one. We’ll likely see other retailers offer similar sales.

Organization, Storage and Cleaning

January offers two reasons to start organizing your home: It’s the start of a new year and your household may have seen an influx of new presents last month. So it’s kind of a necessity to KonMari your life a bit!

Thankfully, the retailers cooperate with this seasonal impulse by putting things like storage bins, shelf bins, stacking and nesting containers and more on sale. We’ve got a roundup of deals that can help you have a more organized and productive year right here.

Amazon Warehouse

Amazon is one of the most popular retailers on the planet. But what happens after the holiday season when everybody buys from Amazon and invariably a great number of gifts get returned?

They get refurbished and resold at discounted prices on Amazon Warehouse. Popular product categories for snagging a deal include smartphones, laptops and desktops, tablets, home and kitchen appliances, game consoles and office products.

Sometimes, there will be an additional discount on top of the already lower prices, most often 20%, but up to 30%. We expect we’ll see an Amazon Renewed discount as all these returned items come back from the holidays.

Exercise Equipment and Online Fitness Classes

The start of a new year is always a time for fitness resolutions. No wonder you can find great deals on exercise equipment and online fitness classes right now!

When it comes to equipment, the big sporting goods stores are great places to check. In addition, Woot’s daily deals can offer big discounts.


Online classes also go on sale this month. Best of all, many offer free trials. Stay up to date with the latest offers right here.

Just keep in mind one general word of caution from Clark Howard at this time of year: Long-term gym contracts will keep your wallet on a treadmill — and not in a good way.

“Signing a contract will not get you to work out,” Clark says. “You may have the best of intentions, but most people quit working out within six weeks. So don’t obligate yourself to a multi-year contract.”


Clark says that booking travel in January and even into February is a deal. The reason is simple: Most people are financially tapped to the limit after the holidays. But if you managed to stick to a modest budget during the holidays, you may want to consider using extra money in your life to book travel this month.

As just one example of the great deals this time of year, we’ve recently seen Hawaiian Airlines offering flights to Hawaii for under $100 one way.

Meanwhile, if you want to keep up to date with all the latest and greatest travel deals, sign up for our free newsletter!

Final Thoughts

Now that we’re through the holidays, January offers a great time to snatch up some deals if you still have funds to spend freely!

Want to see what’s on sale at this exact moment? Check out today’s best deals from ClarkDeals.com.