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Download Episode 10.1.20 Teachers are underpaid; Fake debt collectors A new report finds that teachers are paid…Read more
Download Episode 9.30.20 Massive layoffs at Disney and the airlines; Where to turn for health insurance after job loss The airlines are set to lay off tens…Read more
Download Episode 9.29.20 Supermarkets are stocked for Fall; How to negotiate rent with your landlord Supermarkets are stocking up before Fall hits in…Read more
Download Episode 9.28.20 Voters are less divided than our politicians; Amazon Prime Day + Ring drone camera Americans are actually less divided than our elected…Read more
Download Episode 9.25.20 Cheaper batteries are lowering energy costs; Clark Stinks Tesla is leading the charge towards cheaper batteries.…Read more
Download Episode 9.24.20 Housing market inventory is crazy low, driving up prices; Car insurance claim estimator Fewer Americans are listing their homes for sale.…Read more
Download Episode 9.23.20 New independent contractor rule; Southwest companion pass offer A new rule gives employers more leeway when…Read more
Download Episode 9.22.20 What to do with overwhelming hospital bills; How small businesses are faring Clark discusses how to handle overwhelming hospital bills.…Read more
Download Episode 9.21.20 Fighting back against an unlawful eviction; Walmart raising pay There is a federal moratorium on evicting tenants…Read more
Download Episode 9.18.20 Why delaying social security payments is so important; Clark Stinks A lot of Americans opt to take social…Read more
Download Episode 9.17.20 The telemedicine boom; Good news for job seekers Telemedicine is taking off right now. And it's…Read more
Download Episode 9.16.20 Employees love working from home, but many employers don’t love it; Football is back! Stats show that Americans who have been able…Read more
Download Episode 9.15.20 Americans are saving more right now; USPS prescription delivery delays Many Americans who can are saving more of…Read more
Download Episode 9.14.20 The wildfires in California; The cell phone price wars intensify Clark talks about what has led to the…Read more
Download Episode 9.11.20 Special Edition: Navigating Your Finances in the Pandemic Economy Clark talks about how the economy has changed…Read more
Download Episode 9.10.20 Christmas sales in October; The used car shortage Retailers are likely to start offering bargains earlier…Read more
Download Episode 9.9.20 Mint Mobile launches cheap unlimited cell plan; FedEx is hiring If you need unlimited data, Mint Mobile just…Read more
Download Episode 9.8.20 The unbalanced stock market; How the eviction moratorium works The stock market has started to experience some…Read more
Download Episode 9.7.20 New car recall tool; Dollar stores become more popular as consumers are still hurting NHTSA has released a new free app that…Read more
Download Episode 9.4.20 Walmart Plus takes aim at Amazon Prime; Clark Stinks Walmart Plus just launched with a $98 annual…Read more
Download Episode 9.3.20 Why you should wait to buy an iPhone; States are having financial difficulties Apple will be releasing 5G iPhones in the…Read more
Download Episode 9.2.20 Federal reserve won’t worry about inflation; Companies forbid employees to talk about Covid diagnosis The Federal reserve has signaled that it won't…Read more
Download Episode 9.1.20 Executive order confusion and stimulus package progress; More airlines drop change fees + flying cars Clark talks about how the executive orders are…Read more
Download Episode 8.31.20 Clark talks prostate cancer and improving your eating habits; United scraps ticket change fees Clark was diagnosed with prostate cancer over a…Read more
Download Episode 8.28.20 Now is an ideal rate to shop around for car/home insurance; Clark Stinks Insurance companies are raking in the profit right…Read more
Download Episode 8.27.20 New refinance fee postponed; Why freezing your credit is SO important now The new refi fee that Clark talked about…Read more
Download Episode 8.26.20 Knowing your home’s flood risk; Rip-off schools is a great website that can help…Read more
Download Episode 8.25.20 IRS to stop sending tax notices for now; Schwab’s new free planning tool IRS will stop sending tax notices for now…Read more
Download Episode 8.24.20 Zoom crash this morning + alternatives; The K-shaped look of the economic recovery Zoom experienced a big crash this morning on…Read more
Download Episode 8.21.20 Click & collect is the present and the future; Clark Stinks Retailers like Target are crushing it right now…Read more
Download Episode 8.20.20 Amazon’s sale of faulty goods; What’s up with the next stimulus bill? A court has just ruled that Amazon can…Read more
Download Episode 8.19.20 Stock market reaches new highs; Flexible leases are more common The stock market has fully rebounded since its…Read more
Download Episode 8.18.20 New fees for refinancing; Apple & Google’s monopolistic tendencies Mortgage refinancing just got more expensive thanks to…Read more
Download Episode 8.17.20 What’s happening with the post office?; Student loan executive order details + a new proposal for student loan forgiveness There are some big issues with the postal…Read more
Download Episode 8.14.20 Cutting items from your budget to save more; Clark Stinks Clark encourages people to look over their spending…Read more
Download Episode 8.13.20 iBonds could be a great savings vehicle; Grocery shortages With rates dropping quickly for savers, iBonds could…Read more
Download Episode 8.12.20 How unemployment benefits will work under the executive order; Prepaid cell phone plan deals The President's executive order extends federal unemployment benefits.…Read more
Download Episode 8.11.20 Watch out for these bill scams; Insurance company access to your medical records People are getting bill collection notifications via text…Read more
Download Episode 8.10.20 Eviction fears & potential for stimulus action; Chaotic start to school year Clark discusses the difficulty many are having as…Read more
Download Episode 8.7.20 Gold and precious metals have been on a tear; Clark Stinks Gold prices have been soaring. And the gold…Read more
Download Episode 8.6.20 Credit lines being cut; AT&T rapidly losing customers Credit card limits are being cut for many…Read more
Download Episode 8.5.20 Self storage units having a tough time; Half of Americans see income drop With more Americans staying put and hunkering down,…Read more
Download Episode 8.4.20 Why Roth 401k’s are better; Fast food rewards programs Roth 401k's make more sense than traditional 401k's…Read more
Download Episode 8.3.20 Qualifying for food stamps; Protecting your email privacy Are you eligible for food stamps? Many more…Read more
Download Episode 7.31.20 Overworked pharmacists making more prescription mistakes; Clark Stinks CVS in Oklahoma was fined for prescription errors…Read more
Download Episode 7.30.20 Websites that help end of life planning; Major discounts available for monitored driving Lantern and Cake are newer websites that do…Read more
Download Episode 7.29.20 Amazon & Walmart changing checkout experience and robots that cook; Acorns Early to save for your child Amazon has created a new shopping cart that…Read more
Download Episode 7.28.20 How to handle health insurance if you’ve been laid off; Is now a good time to buy a home? In some states, almost 1/4 of citizens are…Read more
Download Episode 7.27.20 Walgreens is adding doctors offices across the country; Credit card debt is shrinking Pharmaceutical chain Walgreens will be adding doctors offices…Read more
Download Episode 7.24.20 Garmin breach has major ramifications; Clark Stinks Garmin services went down after a ransomware attack.…Read more
Download Episode 7.23.20 Unemployment & possible stimulus measures; Instacart customer data leak Stimulus bill talks are heating up in Washington.…Read more
Download Episode 7.22.20 Walmart won’t be open on Thanksgiving; College tuition cuts Black Friday is going to be very different…Read more
Download Episode 7.21.20 Getting out of a lease; Crowded flights As states and municipalities begin to do away…Read more
Download Episode 7.20.20 Potential Covid stimulus package; Retailer mask requirements Different stimulus proposals are making the rounds. Clark…Read more
Download Episode 7.17.20 Mortgage rates decline further; Clark Stinks Mortgage rates have fallen. And you can now…Read more
Download Episode 7.16.20 Bitcoin scam hacks prominent Twitter users; Small business bankruptcy tips Hackers broke into the Twitter accounts of prominent…Read more
Download Episode 7.15.20 Walmart now requiring masks to be worn; New data on the economic recovery Walmart is going to require customers to wear…Read more
Download Episode 7.14.20 The economy, jobs, and the potential for more stimulus; Travel safety and booking Clark talks about what is currently happening in…Read more
Download Episode 7.13.20 Tax filing deadline quickly approaching; Ford promises to buy back cars if you lose your job The deadline to file your taxes is on…Read more
Download Episode 7.10.20 Why you need to drive your car even if you have nowhere to go; Getting conference calls right Because of Covid, cars are being driven a…Read more
Download Episode 7.9.20 Pandemic puppy scams proliferate; Investing gets cheaper as fund fees fall People are buying a lot of puppies and…Read more
Download Episode 7.9.20 People are adopting pandemic puppies; Investing gets cheaper as fund fees fall People are buying a lot of puppies and…Read more
Download Episode 7.8.20 How you bank will change because of Covid; How restaurants will survive – takeout It seems like every sector of the economy…Read more
Download Episode 7.7.20 Companies now doing curbside pickup; 71% of Americans think their retirement is destroyed Curbside pickup is becoming more normal these days.…Read more
Download Episode 7.6.20 Best customer service cell phone companies; Cities redesigning streets for bike commuting The ACSI just came out and lists the…Read more
Download Episode 7.3.20 Community college saves you money; Clark Stinks Community college is a big time money saver.…Read more
Download Episode 7.2.20 Millions of loan payments being skipped; How to approach investing if you are near retirement Millions of loan payments aren't being made right…Read more
Download Episode 7.1.20 Travel insurance problems; People are moving all across the country The travel insurance industry has had massive problems…Read more
Download Episode 6.30.20 Keep your food fresh longer; Is now a good time to re-balance your retirement portfolio? There are ways to keep your food fresh…Read more
Download Episode 6.29.20 New 401k rules could wreak havoc on your account; Asking for a raise New 401k rules allow for individual investors to…Read more
Download Episode 6.26.20 Americans are returning to car dealerships; Clark Stinks Most people thought that car buying would take…Read more
Download Episode 6.25.20 Walmart expands education benefit to include skilled trades; Vanguard’s super-cheap digital advisor Walmart is offering its workers increased access to…Read more
Download Episode 6.24.20 Banks took in $11 billion in overdraft fees in 2019; Pay cuts are becoming more common Overdraft fees are the worst. Mostly because they…Read more
Download Episode 6.23.20 Watch out for unused gift cards; Debt collectors increase aggressive tactics Unused gift cards need to be used as…Read more
Download Episode 6.22.20 Beware credit card fraud; Renter background checks are flawed As we do more shopping online, scammers are…Read more
Download Episode 6.19.20 Last-minute Father’s Day thoughts; Clark Stinks Clark talks about what to do for your…Read more
Download Episode 6.18.20 Spending from high-income earners is down; Getting PPP forgiveness and getting your stimulus money Clark discusses the current state of the economy…Read more
Download Episode 6.17.20 Target raising minimum wage to $15 an hour; T-Mobile outage and communicating when networks go down Target is raising the minimum wage. Pay has…Read more
Download Episode 6.16.20 Retail sales are up; EIDL loans are again available for small business owners Retail sales rose a record 18% in May.…Read more
Download Episode 6.15.20 Hertz selling off cars in its fleet; The riskiest activities to partake in during Covid-19 pandemic Hertz is selling off cars. But should you…Read more
Download Episode 6.12.20 Monitoring your credit score is even more important right now; Clark Stinks With many payments being deferred right now some…Read more