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Advertisement is an organization dedicated to providing Internet access to all, or, as they put it, they aim to “leverage the democratizing power of the Internet to provide opportunity to all Americans — regardless of age, race, geography, income, or education level.” This non-profit goes even further by also providing consumers with a way to get affordable computers and access to free computer classes. They essentially want us all to be equally connected, because we very well should be. They add: “Through partnerships with leading Internet providers and device refurbishers EveryoneOn is able to offer options of home Internet service for $10 or less a month and $150 computers for low-income individuals and families.” It almost sounds too good to be true.

It’s not too good to be true!

I am happy to report that it’s not too good to be true. EveryoneOn really did help me find an Internet plan for $10 a month, with no contract. I can cancel at any time. Most plans available are from, who has partnered with EveryoneOn to help them with their mission. Now, before I leave your jaw dropped in amazement, I’m going to probably burst a few bubbles.

First, this is mobile Internet access. The two most popular plan options are:

  1. $10 a month for 1.2 GB of data at a 4G speedthen unlimited data at 3G once the 1.2GB runs out.
  2. $20 a month for 3.2GB at the 4G speed, then unlimited again at 3G.

The difference between 4G and 3G is significant. With 4G it’s easy to stream video and play games, and 1.2 GB of data is only around 36 hours of usage (3.2GB is around 96 hours). With 3G, which feels more like DSL, you’re better off just using it for basic Internet services — not so much for streaming services like Netflix. If you’re someone who can’t function without streaming television or videos, you might have to stick to the bigger Internet providers.

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Personally, I decided that slower, more affordable Internet is better than expensive, faster Internet. So, I took the $10 a month plan. Like with any other provider, I needed to buy the equipment to get online. I bought their hotspot device (a one-time purchase and yours to keep), which can connect up to eight computers or mobile devices at once. It cost a total of $62.51, which included shipping. Once I got the equipment, I plugged it in and got to surfing. It was extremely easy. I feel an immense relief not having to be under any sort of contract, or worry about being overcharged on some months for seemingly no reason at all. I pay a flat rate of $10, and $10 only. To me, this is perfect. I’m impressed. For another hotspot option, check out

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Sure, 3G isn’t great, but I’ve even found that streaming video isn’t really that bad, if you’re patient and you don’t mind missing out on HD picture quality. They don’t recommend it, because of how slow it’s going to be, but I’ve managed to sneak in Netflix viewings on 3G without too many hiccups. When it comes to everything else, such as surfing the web, 3G works at a perfectly acceptable speed. I couldn’t be happier with EveryoneOn. I found that EveryoneOn is a beacon of hope in the immensely dark sea of overpriced internet access. They’re on a very important mission, and I highly recommend you join them. Who knows, maybe they can find you an even better deal in your zip code.

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